Undergarments with sanitary absorbent device holder

May 7, 2012

A Florida researcher has patented an undergarment with sanitary absorbent device holders. The undergarment has been adapted to discreetly store a packaged sanitary absorbent article, the undergarment comprising:  a unitary liquid pervious undergarment main body constructed to be worn about a lower torso portion of a human body, said undergarment main body having interior and exterior surfaces and contiguous front and rear portions forming a waist-receiving opening and a pair of leg-receiving openings, said waist receiving opening defined by an upper edge of said undergarment main body;  a cover panel attached to said exterior surface of said undergarment main body, said cover panel having a periphery separating an exterior cover panel surface and an interior cover panel surface, said cover panel periphery partially attached to said undergarment main body such that said interior cover panel surface and said undergarment main body exterior surface together define a cover panel interior space, said cover panel partially detached from said undergarment main body providing access to said cover panel interior space; and  a packaged sanitary absorbent article holder affixed to and disposed upon said interior surface of said cover panel, said packaged sanitary absorbent article holder being located within said cover panel interior space,  wherein, said packaged sanitary absorbent article is retained away from undesirable contact with a body of a wearer of said undergarment by said packaged sanitary absorbent article and said undergarment main body thereby preventing undesirable direct contact of said article against said body of said wearer.