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March 6, 2012

RadiciGroup officially presents its latest corporate communications video dedicated to the topic of sustainability. The goal of this project is to tell about the industrial Group's commitment to sustainable development using simple and direct language.

“Through this video we intend to simplify the communication of our Group approach to sustainability, without trivializing it,” Filippo Servalli, RadiciGroup marketing manager says. “Since the very embryonic stage of the project, we have pursed the goal of finding a way to communicate our group actions on the sustainability front not only to engineers and experts but also to all our other stakeholders. In order to achieve our objective, we chose a cartoon as the communication tool for our corporate video. The cartoon provides a simple and direct way to communicate inherently complex matters, which are presented in a more technical and detailed manner in our Sustainability Report. Furthermore, the Web, our preferred Group communication channel for years now, provides a simple and direct way for anyone to view this video.”

To explain its approach to sustainability RadiciGroup has created a short cartoon. Five minutes of delightful animation that tell the Group's stakeholders about its challenge. Two characters, Lisa and Ettore, who use simple, direct language to describe the group-wide commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of its industrial activities. RadiciGroup has long adopted a sustainability approach consisting of concrete actions applied to its entire production chain: from chemicals to raw materials and synthetic fibres. All RadiciGroup companies are engaged on the sustainability front. Here are just a few examples: developing products derived from renewable sources or manufactured using rejects and waste from the Group's production chain; using clean hydroelectric energy for most of its production; and initiating projects targeted at protecting precious natural resources, such as water and the air. Not to mention adopting methods, such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), to measure and quantify product performance in terms of environmental impact. All of the above measures are part of the RadiciGroup “Operation Twenty4” sustainability programme, which provides for a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 20% decrease in energy consumption, a 20% increase in energy generated from renewable sources and a 20% increase in the use of recycled materials.

The new corporate communications video was specifically conceived to introduce and accompany the RadiciGroup 2010 Sustainability Report. The Group has prepared a report annually since 2003 to communicate its activities and results on issues concerning corporate social responsibility. Starting with this year's Sustainability Report, RadiciGroup has been making the transition to reporting corporate responsibility following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines as closely as possible.

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