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Multifunctional fiber

December 14, 2011

Polyester fibers producer Teijin Fibers has developed a polyester fiber with a distinctive, highly modified cross-section with eight projections aligned in a radial pattern around a hollow fiber. The new fiber, named Octa, after its octopus-like appearance, is said to offer rapid sweat absorption and drying, low weight, heat shielding/insulation and useful bulkiness.

Octa will be marketed from April 2012 for next-to-skin applications such as underwear and sportswear and for fashion apparel and other uses.

Commenting on Octa's appearance and properties, Teijin says, "The voids between the eight projections result in a highly functional fiber for sweat absorption, rapid drying and bulkiness. The voids also improve heat shielding and insulation properties, as well as create the lightweight feel of hollow yarn at roughly half the weight of yarn of similar thickness."

According to Teijin, Octa can also be used in combination with other fibers through false twisting, combined filament processing and two-strand yarn spinning. Teijin says the modified cross-section fibers enable new functions to be added and the appearance and texture of original fibers to be altered.

Teijin Fibers' portfolio also includes polyester fibers with a triangular cross-section, offering a glossy appearance; hollow, thin-walled polyester fibers that trap large quantities of non-flowing air for thermal insulation; polyester fibers with a cross-section of four flat peaks for superior sweat absorption and quick drying and a false-twisted polyester fiber with an irregular cross-section.

Increased modification and thinness can decrease fiber strength, but Teijin Fibers says it overcomes these limitations by leveraging its proprietary fiber-making technologies to develop Octa fiber with its unique, highly modified cross-section.


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