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Appleton Manufacturing Core recycler

November 8, 2011

Appleton Manufacturing Division has expanded its Safe-Slab Core Recycler product line to include Light and Heavy-Duty models. The Safe-Slab Core Recycler is designed to make it safer and easier to remove excess materials from a core without using blades. This maximizes the number of cores that can be reused while minimizing material cost and waste. With the addition of the Light and Heavy-Duty models, the Safe-Slab Core Recycler can safely manage roll weights between 10 and 1000 pounds and roll lengths up to 96 inches. Appleton Mfg. Division will also design custom Safe-Slab Core Recyclers to meet customer-specific requirements.

Unlike other systems that utilize moving blades to cut away remaining material or rely on workers to cut away excess materials with utility knives, the Safe-Slab Core Recycler simply unwinds remaining materials onto a coreless shaft, separating a perfectly good core from the roll without risk to the workers or damage to the core.

In addition to improving worker safety, the Safe-Slab Core Recycler also saves money and promotes green operations. It does this by maximizing the number of cores that can be repurposed, reducing the time needed to strip material from a core, and making it easier to separate materials for recycling, thereby maximizing recycling stream revenue.