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Regent Neotex: Poised For Growth

May 4, 2011

Founded in Russia in 2004, Regent Neotex is on the fast track todeveloping nonwovens manufacturing in the Russian Federation using Reicofil technology.

JSC Regent NM
Smirnovskaya str. 19/11
Moscow, Russia, 109052
7- 495- 956-79-88

To implement the project, the company acquired land in Moscow. Early in the construction phase, the site was provided with enrough utility services to handle four production lines. In order to reduce the cost of electric power consumed and to ensure independence from public utilities, a stand-alone gas-fueled CHP plant station was built with a total capacity of 9 MW.

In July 2008, the first production line, R3 3200, was successfully launched. In 2009 the manufacturer was operating to capacity, with an output of about 8500 tons a year.

In 2010, Regent Neotex entered into a contract for the supply of a second production line, R4 4200, that will be launched in October.
“This high-performance, fully automated line with an output of some 15,000 tons a year will make it possible to produce nonwoven fabrics in the range of 8–70 gsm. State-of-the-art computerized quality control systems will enable Regent Neotex products to meet the highest requirements of customers,” said Vadim Arakelov, general manager.

The choice of equipment and line configuration is dictated by Regent Neotex’s drive to take the lead in the personal hygiene products and medicine segments.

Consumption of disposable hygiene products for women and children, as well as medical products, doubled from 2005–2010 and continues to grow at a rate of about 20% a year.

Regent Neotex plans to continue its active growth during the next few years. The specification for the third line will be defined with regard to the preferences of key customers that are scaling up their production capacities in Russia.

Regent Neotex’s market includes all of Russia, but the company focuses on the central region, where 26% of the total Russian population lives. It also imports to CIS members which includes Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.

“A great number of manufacturers in Europe are showing interest in Regent Neotex products due to the company's competitive pricing of its products, which also meet high quality standards. Therefore, the company currently faces the task of expanding into the EU markets. Regent Neotex house brands have long become popular with consumers in Russia.

The company markets its products under the following brands: Neotex Med for manufacturing disposable medical wear; Neotex Comfort for manufacturing women and children's hygiene products, adult diapers, and disposable hygiene kits; Neotex Promfor manufacturing insulation materials, roofing materials, and packaging; Neotex Gro (incorporates UV stabilizer) for cover material for agriculture,” said Mr. Arakelov.
Regent Neotex’s laboratory is adequately provided with cutting-edge equipment that meets world standards and specific requirements of key customers.

It uses EDANA-compliant testing methods. Precise incoming and outgoing control systems guarantee the quality of feedstock and materials used in manufacturing and the quality of finished products.

Mr. Arakelov attributed Regent’s well-trained, experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment for the company’s ability toconduct various tests to ensure specified performance of material for its customers. “The primary objective of Regent Neotex’s quality management system is to ensure stability of production and high quality of material. Regent Neotex is ISO 9001 certified,” said Mr. Arakelov.

No stranger to being green, Regent Neotex does not use hazardous substances and keeps its atmospheric emissions within statutory limits and down to a minimum.The company recycles its water supply. Waste in the form of fabric cuttings is recycled through an extruder. Regent Neotex’s short-term plans provide for the implementation of an environmental management system and ISO 14001 certification.

Finally, Mr. Arakelov said, “There is no doubt that the next few years will see Regent Neotex emerge as a leading manufacturer in the region in the sector of high-tech nonwovens.”

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