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Diversity Is Key: Carpet Systems

April 7, 2011

Carpet Systems Inc. began supplying fabrics to the carpet and rug industry in 1977. Today, Carpet Systems makes multilayer laminants from nonwovens, films, scrims and paper.

Carpet Systems Inc.
2871 Five Springs Road
Dalton, GA30720
Fax: 706-277-7223

“We have made products which serve diverse markets including packaging and pouch applications, medical masks, industrial sorbents, wipes, automotive seating, landscape, building and construction, acoustic insulation, industrial filtration, protective garments and sheeting and food packaging applications. We are primarily converters, and we started providing converting services to the nonwovens industry in the early 1980s,” said Scott Carroll, president.

Carpet Systems’ sales clock in at under $2 million but are on the rise. “Our sales are up 20% over 2009.We’ve seen growth across most of our markets.My guess is that improvement in the economy as a whole is driving most of our growth,” said Mr. Carroll.

Describing Carpet Systems as a small, customer-focused organization, Mr. Carroll said the company uses conversion technologies to assist its customers in creating composite fabrics for specific applications. Carpet Systems began as a supplier of slit-width primary carpet backings to the rug industry.

“As a result of our association with the carpet and rug markets, we began supplying fabrics into the furniture and bedding industry.This association led us into the area of thermal laminations for furniture and bedding, as well as the filtration markets.We added sonic lamination technology as a means of extending our value to existing customers, as well as to be able to attract new customers.Our major contributions come in the area of assisting our customers with product development and problem solving. We have seen most of our growth come from our ability to provide composite fabrics engineered to meet very specific process or product characteristics,” said Mr. Carroll.

When queried what other factors have contributed to Carpet Systems’ growth, Mr. Carroll credited his loyal team of employees. “We have several employees who have worked here for 15 to 20 years.Their hard work and dedication is critical to our success. There’s just no substitute for that sort of stability and experience.”

Mr. Carroll also attributed the company’s growth to its association with top-notch people in the industry. “I can’t stress how fortunate I believe that we are to have worked with some extremely bright and giving people.We believe that we bring some expertise to the table, but we want to always listen well and respond to our customers’ needs. We are customer focused.On a daily basis we can be very flexible in terms of shorter run sizes and quick turnarounds,” said Mr. Carroll.

Jim McFarland, Mr. Carroll’s partner designs most of Carpet Systems’ equipment. “Jim’s foresight in designing equipment to allow for quick changeovers has been key in helping us respond to our customers in a timely manner.Because of this response, we believe that we have developed a favorable reputation in the market,” said Mr. Carroll.

So where is Carpet Systems headed in the future? Although the company doesn’t have any major investments planned, Mr. Carroll concluded, “We are continually looking for ways to better serve our customers.”

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