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Non-Contact Measurement Technology

February 1, 2011

Beta LaserMike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, sees a growing trend with nonwovens manufacturers implementing laser-based, non-contact encoders to automatically and accurately measure and control the length and speed of their products.

Most nonwovens production plants use a contact wheel encoder to control the length and speed of material being produced on their lines, said Les Jensen, chief engineer of the LaserSpeed product line at Beta LaserMike. They may also use another type of mechanical encoder or pulses off the drive. But, these methods are prone to measurement errors due to slippage, dirt build-up and day-to-day wear issues. These problems can cause costly product over-shipments or shortages. Our LaserSpeed solution eliminates this problem by providing precision, non-contact length and speed measurements.

The LaserSpeed encoder uses advanced, laser-based technology to accurately and reliably measure the length and speed of nonwoven materials during production without making contact with the product. This laser encoder projects a unique pattern on the surface of the product. As the product moves, light is scattered back to the LaserSpeed unit. This information is translated into product speed and pulses are produced to determine the product length. Length and speed measurements are captured with better than +/-0.05% accuracy. Since LaserSpeed uses no moving parts and is permanently calibrated, it is the ideal replacement for contact encoders.