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February 17, 2009

DyStar was formed in 1995 as a company that solely specializes in textile coloration.

DyStar L.P.
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Charlotte, NC 28273
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The company was originally formed as a joint venture of the textile dye businesses from Bayer and Höchst. Later, the dyestuff businesses from BASF (in 2000) and Yorkshire Americas (in 2004) were merged into DyStar. Color Solutions International, a provider of color communication products and services, was acquired in 2002 as an entré into the Textile Service arena.

    With the new ownership of Platinum Equity in 2004, DyStar was able to make significant moves to become a complete solutions provider for the textile industry. The acquisition of The Rotta Group (in 2005) and Dr. T.H. Böhme (in 2006) enabled growth through their wealth of experience in the textile chemical arena. These companies complemented DyStar’s existing dyes business. In 2007, to expand the service solutions business, the certified textile testing company Texanlab (an ISO 17025-certified laboratory) was purchased by DyStar. 

    With its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, DyStar continues to focus on being a global provider of textile solutions. Under the current span of the company, DyStar provides products, services and expertise to all phases of the textile supply chain. Using color standards and services provided by Color Solutions International, retailers and brands are able to globally communicate their color requirements to the entire supply chain. DyStar’s products and services are backed by Econfidence, Dystar’s ecological assurance. DyStar’s testing services (via Texanlab) are focused on providing its partners with state-of-the-art ecological, physical, chemical and color-fastness testing results.

    Currently DyStar’s activities in the nonwovens arena are focused on two areas. The first area is traditional coloration options. Being a global leader in the application of dyestuffs to textile substrates, DyStar has dyestuffs and pigments that exhibit the highest levels of application technology and fastness. Dianix Disperse dyestuffs and Imperon HF pigments have set an industry standard for high lightfastness and are used in the automotive sector. Newer dyestuff chemistries in solvent dyestuffs offer higher performance and fastness profiles over traditional products seen in the nonwovens area. Additionally, DyStar has a comprehensive line of solvent dyestuffs for similar plastic applications. 

    The second area involves various finishing agents for nonwoven fabrics. DyStar provides spin finishes, fiber lubricants and coning oils under the global Filapan, Synthesin and Isafil trade names.  From hydrophilic spin finishes for spunbond fabrics to antistatic agents for medical nonwoven fabrics, DyStar currently provides numerous finishing products to the nonwovens industry.

    Beyond these activities, DyStar continues to develop innovations for nonwovens. As of September 2008, DyStar signed an agreement with Microban International, a leading provider of branded antimicrobial technology. In this partnership, DyStar is the exclusive global distributor for Microban’s products in the textile industry. Currently, the two companies provide four different antimicrobial chemistries to the textile industry (under the Microban and Microfresh trade names). Microban and DyStar are focused on providing a range of safe, durable and effective antimicrobial effects to the textile industry.

    Likewise, DyStar has developed a new coating technology based on ceramics (Evo Top KD and Evo Top KHS). When coated with this flexible ceramic technology, nonwoven fabrics achieve superior abrasion resistance and thermal characteristics over traditional coatings. DyStar continues to develop new avenues of application for these products and new ceramic products in the nonwovens field.                    

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