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Nonwovens Down Under

December 22, 2008

United Bonded Fabrics (UBF) is an Australian company that can trace parts of its business back to the 1870s when the David Galt Company started manufacturing a range of felted textiles made from natural fibers in Melbourne, Australia.

United Bonded Fabricsrn
50 Bakers Rd, Coburg
Victoria 3058, Australia
Phone: 61 3 9353 4200
Fax: 61 3 9353 4283

The modern UBF commenced operations in the 1960s in Sydney, blending both natural and synthetic fibers into a range of consumer products and industrial felts and fabrics. Growth and acquisition spurred a rapid expansion into Queensland, and the establishment of a fourth manufacturing facility in Western Australia, which gave the company unparalleled reach to its customers around Australia.

More recently, UBF has undergone a complete modernization of its four production facilities, which not only increased production efficiencies but also more than doubled production capacity with new card and airlaid installations over the last two years.

Processing technologies now include rag tearing, automated opening and blending, carding, airlaid, blow and vacuum filling, needlepunching, heat bonding, lamination, quilting and automated sewing lines for conversion into finished products.

Continued investment in novel processing technologies and product development has been married with decades of fiber processing know-how and the latest developments in fiber performance, allowing UBF to bring its customers a diverse range of high quality and high performance products crafted to meet exacting needs and deliver excellent value.

Products manufactured by UBF fall into three categories—consumer, industrial and building/construction. Consumer products include pillows, duvets, mattress protectors, underblankets and an extensive range of fiber-filled bedroom accessory products. Industrial products range from mattress and furniture waddings, pads and foam replacement products to packaging felts and automotive fabrics and felts. In the building and construction sector, UBF manufactures thermal and acoustic insulation, air filtration media, carpet underlay and geotextiles. The company’s major brands include Crestell and Tontine and these sit alongside numerous other branded and patented products.

UBF is Australia’s largest processor of polyester staple fibers, jute and recycled cotton fibers in addition to wool, cashmere, silk and other exotic fibers, as well as feathers and down.

According managing partner Jim Liaskos, “’Fiber Tech­nology for Better Living’ underpins everything UBF does—from the products we manufacture to the promise made to our customers, the processes used and the footprint left behind on the environment.” He went on to say that every product is engineered to improve the physical environment of its customers through increased comfort and protection as well as reduce the cost and use of energy in everyday living without the need to compromise lifestyle. The company’s manufacturing processes generate little or no waste and any waste fibers generated during production are fully recycled.

UBF has positioned itself for significant growth through continued commitment to new products and processes in its markets, which demand environmentally sustainable and ethical manufacture at no extra cost.


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