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A Way With Wipes

May 7, 2008

Founded in 1989 by Angelo Bartesaghi, O-PAC manufactures a range of wet wipes from its 6500-square-meter headquarters in Valmadrera (Lecco), Italy.

via Casnedi 96,23868
Valmadrera (LC), Italy
Tel. 39-0341 581856
Fax 39-0341 581937

As part of the FIN-OMET Group, O-PAC targets private label markets in Europe, Australia, North and Central America and North Africa. A top-of-the-line quality system and in-house laboratory represent important investments that give the company a leading edge in a competitive market.

With all of its production based on nonwoven materials, O-PAC manufactures wet wipes for cosmetic, baby care and household applications. The company works with automatic converting machines to fold and form the pack, as well as machinery for wetting, printing and marking. The company also employs systems for product traceability, weight control and metal detection.

In addition to supplying private label companies, O-PAC has responded to the strong demand and commercial potential in the mass market and discount stores by offering three of its own brands—Speedy Care, Laura Baumer and Speedy Clean. Finished products are guaranteed at every production stage and are carefully monitored by advanced and automated technology. Each product is studied and developed to be gentle on even the most sensitive skin and technical sheets, indicating all microbiological and toxicological aspects of the products, are available on request. Strict chemical-physical and microbiological analyses are carried out on the raw materials in order to monitor the features of the nonwoven material used for the manufacture of the wipes, as well as for the lotions with which they are moistened.

“Our R&D department can develop new formulas or perfume according to customers’ requirements,” said Giovanna Addui, marketing manager. “For example, we offer after-sun wipes, purifying wipes or anti-aging facial wipes with special features.”

In terms of new investments, O-PAC recently upgraded its laboratory for the application of wetting solutions, including new, state-of-the-art facilities for water purification. Next year the company plans to further invest in its machines and production facilities.

With an annual capacity of 75 million pieces, O-PAC operates six production lines, which are flexible in terms of products and formats (refill pack, single sachets and travel packs.) The company has achieved ISO 9001 and Vision 2000 certification in order to satisfy the increasing demand for even more personalized products.

Part of the company’s efforts to help customers distinguish their products and built brand identity are new, patented printing capabilities designed to individually decorate wipes with color graphics. “For O-PAC, innovation is not just a word but has become a visible reality,” said Ms. Addui, marketing manager. “We are proud to be the first converter that can print on our production line. Our exclusive technology for customizing each wet wipe allows for the decoration of the fabric, transforming every moment when the wipes are used into a reminder of the brand, giving added refinement to the moment of body care. We offer a variety of customization possibilities—fabrics in different fiber mixes, sizes and weights, personalized packaging, printed and transparent labels and multilayer films.”

The company’s new printing process does not involve ink but instead uses specialized non-toxic pigments dissolved in wax, which are harmless to the skin. One new innovation in this field is its Kids Line wet wipes, which are specifically designed for cleaning children’s hands and faces. Not only do the wipes clean felt-tip pen, glue and pencil marks off little hands, they feature attractive graphics and a pleasant fragrance.

Like most wipes producers, O-PAC is responding to requests for green products and is at the ready with eco-friendly alternatives. One such offering is its new Bi-EAU natural wipes, featuring organic lotion and natural substrates. Designed to protect the skin and respect nature, the line of products for personal hygiene and cosmetic purposes features vegetable-based ingredients from certified organic farms. For the BI-EAU line, O-PAC uses only natural, completely biodegradable fibers for the basic structure, including cotton, viloft (which is 100% vegetal and flushable, PLA (extracted from wheat produced on dedicated farms) and lyocell (100% vegetable and woven with organic solvents).


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