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Innovation In Wet Wipes

October 7, 2009

Disposable Hygienic Products Ltd. (DPL) is Israel’s leading manufacturer of high end, premium, specialty wet wipes.

Disposable Hygienic Products
3565 Industrial Park
Caesarea, Israel
U.S. Office: Grand Rapids, MI
Contact:David Mesley, National Sales Manager
Telephone: 616-443-6740

A private company founded in 1994, DPL has established itself as a leader in the Israeli specialty wipes industry and has now entered the North American market. DPL produces innovative wiping products for cosmetic, hygienic, medical, optical, technical and household applications.

Location & Facilities

Situated in the modern industrial zone of Caesarea,Israel, DPL is conveniently located between the business capital of Tel-Aviv and the Haifa Seaport, Israel’s gateway to the world.

DPL’s facility occupies more than 86,000 square feet in a modern, newly constructed building located in one of the most advanced industrial parks in Israel. The company hasrecently completed a major production expansion dedicated to its fully integrated flow pack production. The company also added warehousing and distribution support in the U.S. in order to provide prompt and courteous service to its new North American customers.

Strategy and Product Overview

DPL hasexperienced rapid growth over the last several years with its European retail customers, which include Carrefour, DM, Auchan, Sainsbury, Tesco and others. According to DPL’s CEO Einav Berar, “We look forward to working with our new retail customers in helping them expand their current private label wiping products.” She also mentioned that cosmetic and personal care wipes have developed more quickly in Europe and that DPL plans to introduce these more sophisticated wipe products and packaging in the U.S.

A good example of DPL’s innovative and cutting edge technology is its Fresh Take Dispenser, which utilizes the company’s patented flow packs with convenient plastic sliding lids. The dispenser provides a convenient way for consumers to keep their wipe products accessible while at the same time providing extra shelf life.

Quality & Packaging

More than 85% of DPL’s production is for export worldwide. As private label producers for some of the largest brands in the world, DPL’s products must meet the strictest standards in both quality and service. DPL’s quality management system has been certified with both the distinguished ISO and BRC global standards. Whether in convenient flow-packs, unique and creative dispensers or in classic sachets, DPL’s wipes are of the highest quality possible. DPL’s team of in-house product development and private label design experts assist customers every step of the way—from concept to final product.

“DPL’s private ownership and lean size allow us to respond more quickly and to meet ever-changing market needs and trends,” said Ms. Berar. “From formula development to production to packaging, customers will find the professional support necessary in making their new products a success.”


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