TTNA 2008

By Nonwovens Staff, Nonwovens Staff | March 20, 2008

innovations in technical textiles will be in the spotlight at next month's event in Atlanta

The fifth edition of Techtextil North America will be held April 1–3, 2008 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA. Sponsor Messe Frankfurt calls the event the most comprehensive North American trade show and symposium for technical textiles and nonwovens, where the world’s leading companies in the industry will meet for education, networking and business development.

    Product groups at the show will include: research, development, planning and consultancy; technology, machinery and accessories; production processes; processing technology; machines and equipment; control processes; cleaning and regeneration technology; waste disposal and recycling technology; technical accessories; quality control; fibers and yarns; wovens, scrims, braids; nonwovens, coated textiles and composites.

    The 2006 event had record numbers in both attendance and exhibitor participation. Following this success, Techtextil North America will return in 2008 highlighting the higher performance areas of technical textiles and continue to grow and attract an eclectic collection of researchers, manufacturers and product specifiers. According to Messe Frankfurt, it is the only trade show that assembles all vertical aspects of the technical textile industry from research and development, through raw materials and production processes and finally ending in conversion, further treatment and recycling.

    Held in conjunction with the show, the Techtextil-Symposium North America will offer several lectures, covering most application areas, focusing on the latest in research and emerging technology.

    What follows is an alphabetical preview of what some exhibitors at the TTNA show will be highlighting—from new product introductions, upgrades and company capabilities to advancements in technology.


AccuSentry will be showcasing the Sentry 9000-LS integrated system for real-time monitoring and inspection of continuous web production.  The Sentry 9000-LS system is a flexible turnkey system optimized for specific customer requirements. The system classifies, analyzes, marks and documents the defects found in high speed moving webs.  The Sentry 9000-LS  provides real-time feedback to the operators to improve the production process. The system features Repeating Defect Detection Technology (RDDT) to provide alarms to the operator to minimize waste production from undetected repeating defects.

    The Sentry 9000-LS system software produces real-time defect maps, defect catalogs and post-production defect reports. The defect map is a graphic representation of a roll of web material providing detailed mapping of the position, size and types of all defects. The defect report provides a statistical summary of all defects with size, key characteristics and location. The defect catalog provides images of the defect for review.

Aeroglide Corporation    Booth 2036
Aeroglide Corporation is a worldwide supplier of thermal bonding, drying, curing, heat setting and cooling solutions for the nonwovens industry.

    Aeroglide offers suction drum dryers in single and multiple drum configurations, single pass and multi-pass conveyor-based systems, festoon loop dryers and impingement systems. Nonwovens applications include airlaid and carded, spunbond, spunlaced-hydroentagled, wetlaid, foam impregnated or coated webs and converting technologies. Aeroglide’s thermal processing solutions support chemical bonding, spray bonding, thermal bonding, curing and heat setting. Common industries include automotive, filtration, geotextiles, healthcare, home furnishings, insulation, synthetic leather, technical textiles and wipes.

    Since 1940, Aeroglide has developed a high quality line of ovens and dryers to meet the thermal processing needs of today’s nonwovens producers. With a solid knowledge base of nonwovens processing, the highest standards of product uniformity and an understanding of customers’ requirements, Aeroglide provides efficient solutions to meet all demands.

    Upgrades or expansions to existing equipment may be the best way for processors to meet their drying needs. Aeroglide engineers excel at the evaluation and recommendation of drying equipment and assemblies based on the customer’s requirements. No matter what brand of dryer customers have, Aeroglide’s engineers can apply state-of-the-art manufacturing and process technology to make existing equipment perform better and/or produce greater capacity.

AGTEKS CO. LTD.    Booth 1745

During Techtextil North America, Agteks will be exhibiting for the first time its new DirecTwist cone-to-cone multifunction twisting machine.

    Complying with Agteks’ innovative mission, DirecTwist emerged as a new technology for twisting that integrates the capabilities of different twisting methods on one machine. This capability of DirecTwist eliminates the doubling phase that is necessary to twist multi-plied yarns with con­­ventional twisting machines. With this new system, Direc­Twist can, theoretically, twist unlimited yarns, al­though it is set to twist eight plies of yarn. Moreover, it is also possible to wind the twisted yarn on the bobbin, eliminating the necessity for rewinding. Therefore, with DirecTwist, a company can save labor, energy and time both in R&D and production.

    Also, DirecTwist can realize both the cabling and covering type of twisting on the same machine. This capability and precise twisting parameter controls make DirecTwist very flexible. In this respect DirecTwist gives companies the opportunity to try different combinations of twists and strengths of yarns without ceasing the mass production.


ArmorWorks LLC and Tech Fiber LLC, both Phoenix-based high-tech armor protection providers, will showcase their Ballistic Advantage Kit armor systems during TTNA. The featured M915 A2/A3 tactical vehicles and High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) will be fitted with the same type of armor protection currently being used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    “This armor exceeds IED (Improvised Explosive Device) specifications,” said ArmorWorks’ vice president of business development Robert Codney. “The U.S. Army took the HMMWV onto the streets of Al Fallujah where actual IED attacks resulted in only minor abrasions to the troops using this armor. It has been exceeding expectations ever since.”

    As armor designers and producers, ArmorWorks demonstrates how some of the very materials on exhibit at Techtextil North America have been engineered into state-of-the-art composite technologies. The M915 A2 and A3 full-scale cab and underbody armament and the fully-armored HMMWV utilize ceramic systems containing aramid fibers manufactured by fellow exhibitor Tech Fiber LLC.

    “By showcasing such a relevant end use, we are hoping to grow the awareness of what the high-performance materials exhibited at Techtextil are capable of,” said Stephanie Everett, the show’s manager. “It is an honor for us to have the ArmorWorks team joining us this April and we believe that the display will be of great interest to attendees.”


Beckmann Converting Inc. (BCI, formerly Gem Urethane) is a producer of high performance laminates in roll form. BCI uses selective laminating techniques—full web ultrasonic laminating (up to 130 inches) and gravure, hot melt adhesive laminating—to create multilayer composites. BCI has more than 30 years of experience in bringing high performance composites to market.

    Beckmann is ISO-9001:2000 registered and operates on a toll or commission basis. The company has experience creating multiple layered materials that may include: nonwovens, films, netting and other textiles. The company can serve any industry that uses multilayer/multifunctional webs, such as filtration, medical, wipes, automotive, consumer, healthcare, protective apparel and absorbents.

BOSTIK        Booth 1631

Bostik will showcase its range of innovative adhesive products designed with the customer’s end use in mind. Bostik’s expert technicians bring value beyond the adhesive product.

    Bostik is a worldwide supplier of adhesives for nonwoven disposable products. The company pioneered this technology in the 1960s and today its adhesives are used extensively in the global manufacture of infant diapers, adult incontinence and feminine sanitary protection products. Bostik is a leader in developing hot melt technologies for elasticated structures, a critical capability to its customers in today’s nonwoven disposables markets.


Consolidated Fibers specializes in polyester, rayon and nylon staple fibers for many nonwovens and technical applications. Its various fibers are used in a broad range of end uses including fire protective gear, automotive and filtration applications. Speed and efficiency are two of the most important aspects of fiber sourcing. To meet that need, the company has established strategically placed warehouses throughout the U.S., which offer a solution for inventory management control.

    Some of the company’s new products include: FR rayon, FDA-approved rayon, solution dyed fibers and modacrylic staple. It also offers a complete line of bicomponent fibers consisting of
two, four and six deniers along with high temp and black low melt. Recent product developments have led to the commercialization of environmentally friendly fibers like bamboo and 100% recycled polyesters. In addition, Consolidated Fibers offers PE/PET fibers and polyester short cut for wet laid applications. 

Diolen Industrial Fibers    Booth 1617

Calling itself the first company in the world to develop and produce a PPS (Poly-Phenylene-Sulphide) high-tenacity multifilament yarn, Diolen Industrial Fibers has created a unique product: Diofort.

     The uniqueness of Diofort is formed by the fact that three of the intrinsic PPS polymer properties—chemical resistance, heat resistance and flame retardance—are combined with high tenacity performance in a multifilament yarn. Diofort has achieved a linear density of 280, 550 and 1100 dtex, with a breaking tenacity of >50cN/tex and an elongation at break of about 20%.

     Diofort is offered with different shrinkage levels as material for filtration fabrics, mechanical rubber goods reinforcement and composites. In hot gas filtration, the media’s performance will improve through better dimensional stability of the yarn. Furthermore, the lifetime of the end products will increase considerably, and the yarn properties open the possibility for lower fabric weight. In special hose reinforcement, the resulting performance will improve considerably due to the high-tenacity in combination with good chemical and thermal resistance.

DRIFIRE, LLC    Booth 2114

Drifire develops, manufactures and markets patented Performance FR fabrics and garments. Dedicated to ongoing innovation, Drifire is designed to provide the optimal combination of moisture management, flame resistance and comfort that is inherent to the fabric. In addition to the current silk-weight line of next-to-skin garments, Drifire has launched mid-weight, heavy-weight and fleece- weight garments as components of a complete multilayer performance FR garment system. Studies have proven that Drifire wicks moisture four times faster than cotton and, unlike traditional performance garments that contain polyester, Drifire will not melt or drip if exposed to flash fire or flame, making Drifire a good choice for people who work within environments where they may be at risk for exposure to flash flame or fire, including military, fire and industrial personnel.


EMS-GRILTECH Americas, a unit of EMS-CHEMIE (North America) Inc., will be exhibiting CoPolyamide and CoPolyester thermoplastic adhesives, PA-6 fibers, along with CoPolyamide and CoPolyester fusible and bicomponent fibers. Market applications include automotive interiors, filtration, protective apparel, medical, paper machine clothing, home and office furnishings, geotextiles and consumer goods. The company’s state-of-the-art technical service laboratories (located in Sumter, SC and Domat/Ems, Switzerland) offer customers a comprehensive range of application and converting technologies. These facilities combined with an experienced service staff and the full portfolio of EMS-GRILTECH products provide for unmatched hands-on applications and process development capability.


Textile machinery producer Klieverik Heli B.V. will showcase its complete range of calenders for laminating, carpet fusing, transfer printing and powder scattering devices.

     Through years of experience in engineering and developing of thermal processing systems, Klieverik has built a high level of technical and technological know-how. Ecosafe laminating system is revolutionary in the field of eco-friendly technology. Strong points of this system are high productivity, precise positioning of the adhesive and reduction of adhesive consumption.

    With environmental concerns in mind, the carpet fusing calender is able to replace a latex production line for pre-coating carpets and producing recyclable latex-free carpet.

    Transfer printing has made a breakthrough with the cotton art system, joining all the advantages of transfer printing with those of reactive printing on fabrics made from a cellulose fiber.

    The GTC calender for heat transferring and thermal fixation of graphic advertising material ensures an optimal fixation and penetration of sublimation dyestuff, with the most brilliant colors and the highest quality.

Kretzer Scissors, Inc.    Booth 2032

Kretzer will be showing its complete line of high quality scissors. Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, Kretzer products outperform the competition because of superior steel and engineering. The company uses the best steel it can find in Germany. Kretzer engineers have found many ways to improve the cut and feel of its scissors. The company has produced customized solutions to difficult applications when asked and has helped solve cutting problems for various industries, such as fiberglass, ballistic and body armor, tarpaulin manufacturers and NASA. Kretzer was the first to introduce a scissor with plastic handles and has now improved on that with its new 745 series. Available in 8-, 10- and 12-inch sizes, these shears have the thickest stainless steel blade on the market, making easy cutting of today’s technical textiles.


Laroche SA is a world leader in textile and nonwovens waste recycling machines. The company specializes in large capacity Exel and Jumbo waste tearing machines as well as the fastest in-line tearing machines with Minitrim HSP. Laroche’s complete process lines for bast fibers reach the cleanliness and staple lengths required. Also offered are high precision fiber opening, blending and dosing lines with the new Exel fine opener. In the airlaid area, Laroche has a complete airlaid Flexiloft line. The company also offers a Resinfelt compact airlaid line to manufacture cured and semicured resinated felts for acoustic insulation and molded parts for automotive and other uses.

Lenzing    Booth 2021

The Lenzing Group offers a full range of cellulosic fibers and global manufacturing reach to satisfy the needs of the textile and nonwovens industry. In addition to the core business fibers, the Lenzing Group is active in the plastics, engineering and paper sectors. A team of commercial and technical specialists in the global cellulosic and PTFE fiber businesses will represent the Lenzing Group at TTNA.

     Lenzing fibers combine the benefits of the renewable raw material wood with the high degree of purity, softness and absorbency demanded by nonwovens customers. Lenzing Viscose and Tencel are the ideal choice for demanding hygiene, medical, household, cosmetics, automotive and technical applications.  

     Lenzing Textile Fibers is proud to showcase the latest breakthrough using Lenzing FR, its inherently flame resistant fiber. On display will be a U.S. Army Advanced Combat Uniform made of Defender M fabric. This fabric is based on Lenzing FR and produced by Ten­Cate/ SouthernMills.  

     Lenzing Profilen yarns and fibers—made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)—are marketed for use in filtration, industrial, sportswear and medical applications.

C. A. Litzler/PSC, Inc.    Booth 1731

C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. designs and builds textile impregnating and coating systems. Litzler offers a combination of heating technologies to solve every customer’s needs. Combination dryers utilizing infrared, convection or radio frequency are customized for the ideal solution.  
    In addition, Litzler manufactures custom Fabric Treating Systems for the adhesion and thermal treatment of tire cord, belt and canvas. Litzler also manufactures metering rolls, trim removal, let-offs, accumulators, tension stands and winders for the textile industry. 

    PSC, Inc., a subsidiary of Litzler, is the world leader in innovative Radio Frequency (RF) heaters and dryers. Its  unique fiberglass roving dryers are the world standard. PSC RF dryers are used for fiberglass rovings, chopped strand mat and cords while its RF dryers can also be used to heat or dry other industrial fabrics and cords made of polymer and ceramic materials. Working with parent company Litzler, PSC has the unique capability of providing dryers using convection, infrared and HF heating technologies together.

Mesa Laminated Fabrics    Booth 1448

Mesa Laminated Fabrics produces MesaThane, a laminated thermal plastic urethane (TPU), and Mesalon, a proprietary polymer.

    MesaThane is a premium-grade aromatic urethane laminate that provides superior ab­rasion re­sistance, strength and flexibility. Mesa­­Thane is available with a vapor barrier to meet the permeability demands of many applications. Mesalon is a reinforced proprietary polymer laminate pro­­viding excellent chemical resistance, strength and flexibility.

     MesaThane and Mesalon applications include tank seals, secondary containment, collapsible storage tanks, pillow tanks, vapor and liquid storage tanks, vapor bladders, pond liners, erosion control and other environmental applications.

     Mesa Laminated Fabrics (MLF), a division of Mesa Industries, Inc., maintains a prominent position in polymer technology by producing flexible, reinforced and non-reinforced laminates, including urethanes (TPU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). MLF products are available with an exclusive vapor barrier for superior permability rates. In addition to maintaining standard product lines, MLF consistently meets industry challenges by providing custom laminated fabrics for diverse applications.

Miller Weldmaster     BOOTH 1732

Miller Weldmaster, a supplier of industrial fabric welding solutions, now offers a new welding technology to its in-line systems. By incorporating the ultrasonic sealing pro­cess to its automatic tubing system, the company is able to easily radius weld the ends of filter bags.  
    At the show, the company will present its nonwovens heat-sealing equipment line, which is an automatic tubing system with cut-to-length capabilities. By incorporating the ultra-sonic sealing process to its automatic tubing system, Miller Weldmaster is able to easily radius weld the ends of filter bags. Miller Weldmaster also has a filter ring placement machine and can customize its systems to incorporate any and all of these features.

    The Miller Weldmaster automatic tubing system is able to pull fabric off of a roll, pre-fold it into a desired tube diameter and weld it into a tube. After the system has welded the filter, it is pulled directly into a precise cut-to-length system. From here a radius welding option can be added to produce a complete filter bag in one process. The Miller System has line speeds up to 60 feet per minute with limited to no operator involvement.


Mondi Coating & Release is an innovative supplier of plastic- and paper-based materials, providing technologies such as extrusion coating, laminating, siliconizing and printing. The product range covers, among other materials, high performing, tailor-made extrusion coated and laminated materials for the automotive, building and imaging industry as well as for high-tech applications such as protective clothing and hygiene.

    The recently developed glass-free Pro-therm B film meets the growing de­mand for more environmental and recycling friendly components for automotive interior parts. Pro-therm films are typically used as reinforcement facings in laminate structures. The films consist of fibers em­bedded in a thermoplastic matrix, which can be glued or heat laminated. Mondi’s processing technology enables the integration of nonwovens and warmth activated coating into one single product. This makes Pro-therm films a single source multilayer solution for creating composite constructions.

    Mondi Coating & Release has also developed a specific carrier membrane with explicit strength characteristics and anti-slip properties as a support for artificial grass for baseball, football, soccer or other artificial grass fields. Mondi’s membrane will enable a fast unwinding and rewinding of the artificial grass.


Norafin will feature a range of spunlaced, needlepunched and composite product concepts at the upcoming Techtextil show in Atlanta. The company will display a new range of spunlaced aramide products used in the composite industry. Thanks to the material’s isotropic behavior, its smooth surface as well as the product’s impregnation advantages, the material meets the growing product requirements in the market.

   In addition, Norafin will show a variety of new products that combine custom engineered spunlaced materials with state-of-the-art chemical treatments aiming at replacing traditional textiles in the protective apparel market, such as firefighters’ turnout gear, military uniforms, industrial FR workwear as well as arc-flash protective clothing. By carefully selecting the fiber types, treatment chemistry and the construction of the spunlaced material, performance characteristics, such as flame retardancy, breathability and durability to washing, can be optimized.

    In filtration, the company will show its new spunlaced PTFE filter media used in hot gas filtration to dedust exhausted gas in industrial waste incinerators. In addition, Norafin will feature its self-pleated filter medium with integrated metal scrim, which can be pleated without additional treatment.


NSC will use the show to highlight Thibeau Excelle cards, Asselin crosslappers, Prodyn drafters, needlelooms, Monomatic Easy­Winders, Van­tageWinders and their respective slitters-rewinders. New features will further improve consistent web quality, high production and productivity, ease of maintenance and minimum downtime, safety and user friendliness.

    New equipment will also be introduced: the Batt­­Cruise, the WebCruise and the Expert-Scada system. NSC nonwoven will also offer its range of Axcess equipment with cards and crosslappers for medium performance lines at an attractive cost without compromising design qualities. 

P-D Interglas Technologies Ltd.    BOOTH 2130

As an international producer of glass, aramid and carbon fiber fabrics for many technical applications, P-D Interglas Technologies Ltd. is a supplier of woven and coated fabrics for demanding situations in the aerospace, automotive, composites and construction markets. During TTNA, P-D Interglas Technologies will exhibit some of the new developments and improved products that have helped the company maintain a leading position in the field of technical and industrial fabrics.  

    One of the featured items will be Atex, a new line of environmentally friendly, sustainable, silicone-coated architectural fabrics. This material was recently chosen, above its competition, to solve a difficult design problem in the 10,000-seat Zenith multi-purpose arena located in Strasbourg, France. The end result was a successful build employing 15,000 square meters of Atex 5000 Orange. 

    In addition to Atex, P-D Interglas Technologies will highlight woven fabrics specifically designed and finished for composites manufacture as well as coated materials for thermal insulation applications.  


Performance Fibers, a leading global supplier of high-tenacity polyester fibers, engineered fabrics, sewing thread fibers and advanced materials, will present its global product offerings that provide innovation and differentiation with enhanced strength, adhesion and processing performance.

    With the signed agreement to purchase North America tire cord and polyester industrial filament as­sets from Invista, Per­formance Fibers continues its planned expansion for its fiber and fabric portfolio with industrial polyester sewing thread fiber and nylon 6 fibers and fabrics.

    Industrial segments highlighted will be engineered reinforcements for hose, belting and conveyor applications; technical fabrics; geotextiles; automotive safety; sewing threads and offshore mooring.

    Among the featured products is 1H75 fiber, a DSP fiber that offers increased strength and improved dimensional stability for rubber reinforcements and industrial applications.

    Also featured will be PenTec fiber, a specialty fiber with a unique balance of high modulus and strength. This high tenacity fiber has an excellent level of dimensional stability and chemical resistance, as well as low elongation and shrinkage properties. Applications for Pentec fiber include high performance tires, cordage, engineered reinforcements and sailcloth.

In addition, 1W81 and 1W83 fibers featuring SeaGard marine overlay finish offer excellent wet abrasion resistance and superior long-term durability in demanding marine applications.

Plastomer Technologies    BOOTH 1130

Plastomer Technologies will be showcasing Solar Thread, its line of high quality PTFE fiber sewing threads, at TTNA. Designed specifically for the industrial outdoor fabric market, Solar Thread offers the durability, strength, and weather resistance required to create the highest quality fabric products. Made from PTFE fibers, the product offers less abrasiveness than other materials and is chemically inert, offers low flammability and withstands temperatures from -250°C to 260°C.  Solar thread is water and UV resistant and maintains durability in harsh environmental conditions, making it the perfect sewing thread for outdoor applications such as awnings, boat covers, umbrellas and even convertible car tops. Plastomer Technologies, a 35-year veteran manufacturer of specialty PTFE products, offers Solar Thread in a range of deniers to fit customized needs.


Richard Hough Limited (RHL) of Bolton, England—a specialist in the manufacture of calender rolls for more than 200 years—has recently introduced a high performance polyamide textile calender roll cover to its range.

   RHL has re­cently delivered two of the largest poly­amide rolls ever produced (see picture). The 240-inch face length Syncast rolls were supplied to the U.S. to upgrade an existing geotextile nonwovens calender.

    Roll edge mark­ing and web defects due to roll surface marking have been virtually eliminated, meaning greatly reduced quality defects and significant savings in production costs.

    The exciting news for existing geotextile calender users is that Syncast covers can be fitted over existing cotton-filled calender rolls. The largest capacity centrifugal casting facility in the industry gives the company the ability to do this.

    Premium paybacks can be gained due to the low cost of the upgrade (no major calender rebuild required) and resultant productivity improvements, less regrind maintenance, higher sheet quality, better efficiency and less scrap.

    Roll covers of more than 7 meters (280 inches) in face length and up to 1.25 meters (50 inches) in diameter can be manufactured utilizing the largest centrifugal casting capacity in the industry. Syncast can be fitted as a replacement cover for existing polyamide rolls or supplied as a complete new roll.


To complete its spunmelt product range, Rieter launched its own meltblown system. Due to its unique design, which reduces cleaning time and installation costs, it offers cost savings as well as quality benefits to the nonwovens industry. Today, Rieter has acquired meltblown experience through the installation of several industrial lines. The company’s new generation of meltblown systems is based on customer specifications to produce monolithic as well as layered fabrics starting at 1 gpsm and 1µm fibers. This cutting edge technology is characterized by extraordinarily narrow basis weight and filament size distributions, providing a highly homogeneous web structure even at high specific throughputs.

    The new Rieter meltblown system can be integrated in line with the innovative spunbond towers, PERFObond 3000, to produce SMS webs. The combination of these two technologies will enable the production of spunmelt nonwovens dedicated to hygiene, filtration and medical markets.

     At TTNA, experts in spunlace and spunbond technologies will be available to discuss individual technical applications and machinery requirements.

RITM      BOOTH 1527

Innovative machinery for processing technical yarns will be the focus for RITM. Two-for-one twisting and cabling machines for industrial yarns and tire cord  will be on display in addition to first and assembly ring twisters for glass fiber. RITM will also highlight a highly flexible Universal Twister UT 50, which processes yarns for most of the existing technical yarn markets such as artificial grass, rubber reinforcement, fishing net, ropes, tarpaulins, conveyor belt reinforcement and glass fiber.

STEWARTS of America/Balkan    BOOTH 1745

Stewarts of America is a global leader in hot and cold needle microperforation systems for the nonwovens industry. Stewarts of America manufactures custom pins, pinned products and compete machinery and equipment for customers’ perforating requirements. This year the company is introducing its Viper perforation machinery line that is cost-effective and simple to use as a stand alone unit or a unit that can be integrated into an existing line. With Stewarts’ micro pinning technology, up to 1250 holes per square inch are obtainable.  Stewarts will also have a range of pinned products for all nonwovens machinery manufacturers on display.

     For its part, Balkan Tex­til is proud to announce the launch of its new Mini-Edgetrim machine for reclaiming and recycling nonwovens waste. The new Edgetrim is much more economical than European machinery and is built to the same high standards. The new Balkan Mini Edgetrim is a lot of machine for the money and allows a quick return on investment. It is designed to be incorporated into any existing line. The working width is 400 mm.


The recently launched TS Drive System is an advanced product for synchronous drive applications. The system provides superior performance and speed regulation. It also offers considerable energy savings. With current energy costs soaring and increasing pressure being brought to bear on the environmental impact of industry, few businesses can afford to ignore such potential savings.

    Tatham has already sold more than 25 TS systems with the nonwoven sector quickly becoming its main market. Re­cently a TS Drive was commissioned at a U.K. nonwovens producer. Ac­cording to the com­pany, “We chose Tatham as they were offering the latest available technology and had the required knowledge of the machinery. The result has been astonishing, we can now increase our line speed significantly, our waste has reduced and quality has improved, not forgetting that we are now saving approximately 36% energy too. The TS system is reliable in operation, requires little maintenance, is user-friendly, cost-effective and, above all, simple,” said the customer.

    To realize maximum benefit, the system has been designed with high efficiency motors (standard four pole design), available off-the-shelf offering low cost and ease of maintenance comparative to DC motors.  A new control panel is supplied, housing the latest high performance AC dynamic drives, which offer constant torque even at low speed. All the drives are linked together with the latest high speed PLC offering the ultimate in control specification.

Temp-Flex    BOOTH 1024

Temp-Flex manufactures fluoropolymer and polyketone monofilament fibers and coatings. The extruded monofilament fibers