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Korean Hygiene Company Set For Growth

March 8, 2008

In 1994 Sambo Co. Ltd. began its nonwovens business, which was built upon the textile business the company started in 1979.

Sambo Co. Ltd.
1-81, Woram-Dong, Dalseo-Gu
Daegu, Korea
Telephone: 82-53-589-8704
Fax: 82-53-589-8714

Transitioning from traditional textiles, Sambo launched thermal bonding (calendering and hot air-through) equipment to produce nonwovens specifically for hygiene end uses.

Since then, Sambo has continued to expand its nonwovens manufacturing facilities, which, in addition to thermal bonding, now include spunlace and airlaid equipment. The company operates a total of 10 production lines—two thermal bonding machines (including one calendering line), three air-through lines and two lines combining the calendering and air-through processes. The company also has a spunlace line, an upcoming airlaid line and a line that produces absorption layers using pulp and SAP. In terms of capacity, Sambo produces 11,600 tons of thermal bonded nonwovens per year, 10,000 tons of airlaid materials annually, 2400 tons per year of spunlace nonwovens and 2300 tons per year of SAP sheets.

As a specialist in the production of nonwovens for absorbent hygiene products, Sambo is well known as a quality producer in both domestic and global markets. The company also offers post-processing services such asprinting, slitting and functional treatments and can meet specific customer demands.

Sambo mainly produces nonwovens for diaper topsheets and sanitary protection products. These materials are created through a variety of processes, including point bonding, air-through bonding and cotton spunlacing. A variety of additional nonwovens will be available once the company’s new airlaid line is installed in April 2008.

On the new line the company will offer perforated nonwovens, which will be distinct from its current thermal bonded nonwoven offerings. Also new will be biodegradable nonwovens based on PLA (polylactic acid) as a raw material; 100% cotton nonwovens are also going to be manufactured.

With total sales in the $40 million range, nonwovens represent the vast majority—approximately 97%—of the company’s business, with the remainder being generated from the sale of end products such as pet pads and adult incontinence and hospital products.

When it comes to geographical markets, Sambo has been predominantly supplying converting companies with high quality products for sanitary napkins and baby diapers in its domestic market as well as global markets such as Japan, China, the U.S., South America and India.

Looking forward, Sambo’s current focus on the absorbent hygiene sector is expected to be expanded to medical and industrial applications such as filtration and construction end uses. Sambo’s goal is to be one of the most successful companies in the world through ceaseless development, customer satisfaction, environment friendship and strengthened competitiveness.

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