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HighTex Unites Technical Textiles In Turkey

February 5, 2008

November exhibition features more than 300 companies from 17 countries

Organized by Teknik Ltd., the second HighTex Technical Textiles and Non­wovens Exhibition and Safetech 2007 Protective Textiles and Tech­nologies Exhibition, were held simultaneously Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, 2007, in Turkey's Istanbul Exhibition Center. According to organizers, the side-by-side events represented the largest technical textiles meeting of Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Exhibitors  at HighTex 2007, represented more than 300 specialized companies. Half of these companies came from countries beyond Turkey including China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Uzbekistan, Korea, Taiwan, Greece, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France and Holland visited the exhibitions.

Giving speeches on the opening of the exhibition  day one of the event was Necip Güney, Teknik Ltd. Founder Partner; Adil Nalbant, The Chairman of TEMSAD Textile Machinery and Accessories Association and Prof. Dr. Bülent Özipek, Dean of ITU Textile Technologies and Design Faculty. These speakers gave explanations on the importance of the HIghtex 2007 Exhibition and development of technical textiles sector in Turkey.

A World-Known Brand

In his speech at the opening of the exhibition, Necip Güney explained the meaning and importance of HIGHTEX exhibitions, the first and only exhibition in its field, for Turkey. "Realized for the first time in 2005, today we are opening the second one Hightex exhibition. We believe that HIGHTEX exhibitions, which are the first and only exhibition of Turkiye in its field, have become a worldwide known brand in ITM exhibitions in a short time. Recently, capacity increases in traditional textiles both over the world and in Turkey and the interest for the products with high added value increased. In that direction, the use of technical textiles and nonwoven products started to become widespread quickly, especially in our country."

The HighTEex exhibitions are an important step fro further development of technical textiles and nonwovens market that has grown in the recent years in Turkey, Mr. Guney continued. "That is why, we will realize HighTex exhibitions for long years in order to strengthen technical textiles market in our country and to contribute its development and we will be a leader in that sense," he said.

Being one of the leading textile machinery exhibition and an important brand, ITM Textile Machinery Exhibition will take place in Beylikdüzü Tüyap Exhibition Center on June 6-10, 2009, with the cooperation of Temsad and Tuyap.


3rd International Technical textiles Congress

During the exhibition, the third International Technical Textiles Con­gress, which was organized by Dokuz Eylül University, Engineering Faculty, Textile engineering Department, was also realized on Dec. 1-2. At the Congress, in which specialized academicians and company representatives made presentations; all the elements of the sectors including experts and researchers in the field of technical textiles and national and international producers, consumers and investors came together.

Displayed Products

These product types were displayed at Hightex 2007:

-    Technology: Airlaid, Crosslapper, Dryland, Meltblown, Needlepunch, Spunbond, Spunlace, Stitchbond, Thermobond, Weblaiding, Waterlaid, Wilding.

-    Machines: In this category; there are flame retarding technologies, refining and renovation technologies, waste packaging machines, waste and recycling technologies, bonding and separation technologies, printing machines, dyeing- general finishing, narrow weaving, converting machines, fiber tearing machines, flocking-impregnation systems, embossing machines, needling machines, coating and lamination systems, cutting and separation systems, drying systems, laboratory measurement equipment, micro-organism protection technologies, multi-filament systems, nonwoven processing machines, plastics and other hardening materials, plasma application technologies, robot technologies, rag pulling machines, technical textile weaving machines, tufting machines, braiding machines, adhesive mixture and implementation systems.

-    Raw materials: Polymer chips and granules, bands and elastics, bind-latex and foams, fibers and filaments, super absorbents, reinforcement textiles and fibers, tampons, structural composites and patterns, adhesives, hot melts, adhesive films and coating powders, adhesive and pattern materials, surface processing chemicals, acrylic fibers, biodegradable fiber materials, glass fibers, natural fibers, recycled fibers, flame retardant fiber, carbon fibers, metallic fibers, polyester fibers, melting yarns, filament yarns, high-tech yarns, polypropylene yarns, polyester fibers, polyamide yarns, cellulose and synthetic yarns, carded yarns and textile glass fibers.

-    End products: Agrotextiles, construction textiles, clothing textiles, road and ground textiles, decoration textiles, industrial textiles, food textiles, medical and hygiene textiles, cleaning and cosmetics textiles, transportation industry textiles, environment protection textiles, packaging textiles, protective textiles, spot textiles.

-    Smart textiles.

-    Protective textiles.

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