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Green To The Max

February 8, 2008

The founders of Maxim Hygiene Products have put a new twist on their 25 years of nonwovens industry manufacturing and distribution experience to introduce a new line of organic, natural and eco-friendly hygienic products.

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They have been monitoring the growth and excitement over the green market for a while now, hoping to one day turn their expertise of traditional nonwoven products over to the green world.

After two years of research, the company unveiled its first line of certified organic and natural tampons and sanitary napkins at the PLMA show in Chicago in November and is quickly adding to the breadth of its product line. Most recently, Maxim added natural maternity pads and organic intimate wipes and undergarments; soon to come are organic cotton balls, swabs and rounds.

All of its organic and natural products are manufactured in the U.S., Canada and Europe with state-of-the-art technology. “Although we haven’t completely abandoned our traditional line of feminine hygiene products, which is approximately 55% of our sales, the main focus has been on developing the most competitive organic and safe products available in the market today,” said Rebecca Alvandi, marketing and development manager for Maxim.

In creating color-coded packaging to differentiate between its organic, natural and traditional lines, Maxim hopes to help better educate customers to differentiate between these three categories of products, leaving it to them to decide which product best suits their needs. “Clearly labeled packaging is key to our values in providing the customer with quality and comprehensive information to make the choice easier and more identifiable to them,”she said.

The company’s three feminine hygiene main labels include the green label (organic tampons and pantyliners), white label (natural cotton sanitary napkins, pantyliners and maternity pads) and the purple and blue labels (traditional tampons). The green label is toxin-free, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic and its absorbent core is 100% certified organic cotton. The white label is equally friendly, being comprised of 100% natural cotton, and is toxin-free, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. The purple and blue labels are based on traditional standards and their quality is equivalent to national industry retail brands.

Unique to the green and white labels is the use of natural cotton fluff, an eco-friendly alternative to cellulose fluff pulp or synthetic materials typically used to fill the inner absorbent core. Cellulose fluff pulp is a natural tree byproduct but its use has led to over-felling of our natural forests. Natural cotton fluff is much more environmentally efficient and plentiful.

Maxim Hygiene Products is setting its goals high for the North American market, based on an already successful read from its European counterparts. “We are expecting to see many more exciting advances between our already developed line of unique feminine hygiene products and our aggressive plans to expand our product line under the Maxim brand name in the future,” concluded Ms. Alvandi.

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