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A New Face In The Industry

December 9, 2007

United Nonwovens is a new manufacturing company located in Mobile, AL.

United Nonwovens, LLC
Avenue O
Mobile, AL 36615
Tel: 251-433-1989
Fax: 251-433-1994
Web: www.unitednonwovens.comrn

The company produces value-addedpolyester (PET) spunbond substrates for use in various industries. United offers rollednonwoven substrates for building and construction, geotextiles, agrotextiles, filtration, sound insulation and photographic backdrops. With its own lines of unique nonwoven substrates for niche applications, United employs an aggressive, top-notch team of experts to meet customers’ specific requirements.

United takes pride in providing substrates tailored to individual needs and performance requirements. The company employs a unique and flexible machine technology, allowing it to adjust to customers’ specific needs without waste. The ability to shut-off cross web zones to adjust to specific width requirements enables the company to sell its spunbond at very competitive price points.

United’s current manufacturing capacity includes 3.3 meter wide substrates in 15-130 gpsm product weights and 2-6 deniers. The company currently occupies 115,000 square feet of space, which includes 25,000 feet of production space and 80,000 square feet of warehouse and value-adding capability.

United’s 17,000 acre industrialcomplex offers a multitude of transportation options, offering unique supply alternatives to customers. Its direct truck access to two interstates and location within the Mobile, AL city limits makes trucking access simple and affordable. Delivery time to most North American destinations is one or two days. The plant is also served by an extensive rail system and an airfreight terminal is located nearby. There are two airports in Mobile.

The company’s isoPET unique spunbond technology provides an isotropic web featuring a thatched roof effect that improves appearance, product performance and strength, all important considerations in satisfying customer expectations of quality.

United Nonwovens offers the flexibility to provide special production runs tailored to customer needs. The company utilizes slit and rewind equipment to provide roll good substrates to exact cut-length specifications and offers multiple core size capability. Also offered are spunbond substrates with unique fiber characteristics such as trilobal and heat-set for low shrinkage characteristics. These substrates offer superior performance for filtration pleating capability and support for barrier layers.

The products feature excellent fabric characteristics and provide exceptional isotropic strength, demonstrating equal strength in both the machine and cross web direction. The materials are primarily used in durable goods such as air and liquid filters, artificial suede and leather, auto covers, battery separators, bedding, cable insulating wrap, carbon filters, building products, furniture, geo-textiles, industrial wipes, medical drapes and gowns, roofing and thermal insulation.

United maintains comprehensive lab and testing facilities to meet testing and evaluation needs. State-of-the-art verification systems evaluate and monitor substrate quality before every shipment. United is capable of tracking and providing test data for every roll produced on its equipment and it can provide independent testing services upon request.

United Nonwovens is a new company with new ideas. Its young, energetic production staff, coupled with seasoned executive management, allows it to offer the best of both worlds. New and innovative ideas are supported with decades of proven experience and a track record in the nonwovens industry.

United’s philosophy and business ethic offer unparalleled support to its customers, no matter how large or small. From initial inquiry to product delivery and ongoing support, United is there to facilitate customer growth while helping customers respond to market demands.

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