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Filtration Market Continues to Evolve

as customers demand more sophisticated, efficient and cost effective products

By Christine Esposito, Nonwovens Staff

Published November 8, 2007
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As opportunities for filtration continue to grow, nonwovens companies are enhancing their product rosters and exploring new technologies to meet customer de­mands for more sophisticated, efficient and economical filtration solutions. 

Eager to claim their stake in this attractive and competitive marketplace, they are employing strategies of innovation, investment and ex­pansion. The goal: offer a repertoire of products that can answer the evolving requirements of a diverse customer base that demands faster service and improved performance, not to mention lower costs.

But that task has become more complicated in recent years. First, there is increasing competition from other nonwoven manufacturers lured by the opportunities for growth the filtration market offers.

“Nonwovens have a bigger and bigger role to play in filtration, as evidenced by the number of nonwovens companies that have entered the marketplace,” said Jérôme Barrillon, director of marketing, filtration,with roll goods producer Ahlstrom.