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October 9, 2007

Founded in 1998, China-based Guangzhou Winlake Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and producing various laminated nonwoven fabrics.

Guangzhou Winlake Co., Ltd.
206 Huanshi Rd., E. Conghua
Guangzhou, China
Tel: 86-20-8798-0682
Fax: 86-20-8798-7252
Web: www.winlake.netrn

The company’s Guangzhou-based location, which will celebrate ten years of operation in 2008, was a pioneer in importing a Reifenhauser laminated polypropylene spunbond production line. Guangzhou Winlake is experienced in the production and application of various coated and laminated multifunctional nonwoven products. The company’s product portfolio ranges from laminated spunbond and spunlace nonwovens to tissue, aluminum foil, plastic foam and PE, PP and EVA films. These multifunctional products are used for medical care, industrial protection, construction, decorative and heat isolation applications.

Guangzhou Winlake’s thin polypropylene spunbond and spunlace fabric (weighing less than 70 gpsm) is suitable for end uses such as waterproof medical care and industrial protection. Thicker fabric (weighing more than 90 gpsm) includes more than three laminated layers and is waterproof and vapor resistant. This low priced, high quality material is used to make car covers and roofing products. It also offers UV-resistance for up to ten years.

In addition to these articles, Winlake also supplies tissue, stitching fabric, spunlace coated polyester material and waterproof polypropylene products.

On the new product front, Guangzhou Winlake has recently launched a new type of environmentally friendly shopping bag. The new product is made from nonwoven fabric-based laminated polyester aluminum foil. The base material for the product is polypropylene and polyester spunbonded nonwoven while the surface layer is polyester aluminum foil in silver, gold or other colors. The product is used to make insulative cooler bags that can keep frozen food and ice cream from melting for several hours. In addition, the material can also be used for heat insulation layers in residential roofing applications.

By way of capacity, Guangzhou Winlake produces 1500 tons of spunbond nonwovens per year in widths up to 1.6 meters on a single line. Additionally, the company has a capacity of 2000 tons per year of coated and laminated roll products, which are produced on three lines and have 0.8-1.8 meter widths.

Commenting on Guangzhou Winlake’s recent research and development efforts was Jiang Yuhui, general manager. “Our company aims to develop new technologies and products continuously,” he said. “According to the needs of the market, we have introduced to our customers at least two new products each year. We also cooperate with related enterprises to develop new products. As we move forward, we plan to develop advanced technologies while following, and even creating, new markets.”

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