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May 20, 2007

Top Brass has emerged as a diverse and flexible converter of wet wipes for private labeling and contract converting. According to Mark Burgess, Top Brass president, “We expanded in 2002 and we’re looking at our next facility addition right now.”

Top Brass Inc.
1001 E. Mohawk Street
Wittenberg, WI 54499
Telephone: 715-253-2750
Fax: 715-253-2777

What sets Top Brass apart is its wide ranging ability to supply diverse wiping products, as well as a unique small order support capability. “We have become a supplier, rather than a competitor, to a number of other wipes converters,” said Brad McKay, vice president—operations. “Several well-known wipes converters turn to us for specialty and small orders so they can continue to serve their customers’ complete needs.”

Top Brass was incorporated in California in 1992 and Iowa in 1994 and supplied commercial cleaning products. A distribution center was added in Wittenberg, WI in 1996. By then the company had expanded into flexible packaging, and in 1999 began contract manufacturing of peel and reseal packaging in Wittenberg.

Top Brass was first to offer a complete automotive wipes line with its Tire Job, Outside Job, Bug & Tar Job and Glass Job branded products in 1999. Since then, the company has been known for its variety of FDA- and EPA-compliant capabilities in household, personal care, industrial and institutional wiping products.

Not saying “no” to a customer, along with ingenuity in its production and product approaches, is a hallmark of Top Brass. On the manufacturing side, Top Brass often does its own machining and set-up of production lines. On the product side, Top Brass has rolled out several new packaging options.

The latest development by Top Brass is its newly patented Flex-Pac Mount wipes system (pictured above). These convenient wet wipe packs adhere to the inside of cabinets, on shop walls and even on the side of hospital x-ray machines. When the pack is replaced or removed, a specially-formulated adhesive system leaves no residue behind. The Flex-Pac Mount package makes access to wipes more convenient than canisters, with less packaging for disposal later. “It’s a great example,” said Mr. Burgess, “that supports Walmart’s mandate of package sustainability and reducing excess packaging by 5% by 2013.” Top Brass is also working on another patented item that will have uses far beyond the wipes category.

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