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SPIC’s Specialty Spunbond

November 13, 2006

Specialized Industries Company (SPIC), a subsidiary of Nuqul Group, was established in 1988, becoming the first producer of nonwoven fabric in the Middle East.

Specialized Industries Company
P.O. Box 154
Amman 11118 Jordan
Telephone: 962-6-4790030
Fax: 962-6-4790044
Web: www.spic-nonwovens.comrn

The firm, first known as Advanced Industries Company (AIC), went through major technological and service transformations in August 2005. Today, SPIC specializes in the production of coverstock for baby diapers, adult incontinence, feminine hygiene products and various medical and agricultural applications.

Currently SPIC boasts a production capacity of 7500 tons annually and has invested $40 million in a new nonwovens manufacturing plant in Thuheibeh, Jordan. SPIC established a similar facility in Sahab in 1998. The 22,000-square-meter plant will increase the company’s exports by 50% and create 150 new jobs, according to executives. Like the company’s existing 7500 ton line, output on the new line will mainly target diapers and adult incontinence applications. Currently about 15% of the company’s nonwovens output is sold locally, while the rest is exported to the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Located only five kilometers away from the northern border of the Amman International Airport, SPIC’s 22,000-square-meter facility stands on 550,000 square meters of land. Its architectural structure is designed to accommodate any aggressive expansion plans SPIC may have in the future. The factory is equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery needed for ensuring quality production. The facility incorporates a combination of Reifenhauser’s advanced Reicofil III spunbonding systems along with melt blowing capabilities as well as an advanced laboratory to ensure consistent quality.

SPIC exports most of its production to converters of baby diapers and sanitary napkins in the Middle East, Europe, the Persian Gulf, Asia and Africa. SPIC’s product portfolio includes a variety of offerings such as hydrophobic SMS nonwovens for use as topsheets and leg cuffs, which are designed to prevent water from passing through to lower layers. The company also produces hydrophilic SS nonwovens for use as primary topsheets that come in direct contact with the baby’s skin. These nonwovens are often designed to allow liquids to flow into the diaper core.

In the leg cuff category, SPIC has designed a combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic nonwoven fabrics that form the upper part of the diaper. According to the company, this technology is fading, however, because today’s diapers are produced on machines that already incorporate this feature. SPIC also offers other specialty nonwovens with a variety of features such as UV-stabilization, fire retardancy, color, thin denier and permanent hydrophilicity.

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