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October 16, 2006

Danish Airlaid Technology A/S was established this year by founders Lars Laursen and Mogens Olesen, both of whom have worked in the airlaid machine building business.

Danish Airlaid Technology A/S
Tobaksgaarden 3
8700 Horsens, Denmark
Telephone: 45 76901190
Fax: 45 76901199
Web: www.airlaidtech.comrn

The company is also supported by a group of private investors and will be launched on the Danish stock exchange (Dansk AMP A/S) later this autumn. The company’s new production facilities are currently being erected near Horsens in the middle of Jutland, Denmark. The line is expected to be ready for commercial production by June 2007. The production line is a relatively small, flexible state-of-the-art thermal bonding airlaid line with several special features.

“Our long-term target is to focus on niche markets where quantities are relatively small and the amount of development work is quite high,” explained Mogens Olesen, sales director. Target application areas include food pad/packaging materials, incontinence products and healthcare/medical products. According to Mr. Olesen, the capacity of the line will be approximately 6000-8000 tons per year, depending on the product mix. “The main geographical target area is Europe,” he indicated, “however, if something interesting shows up elsewhere in the world (especially within the niche market area), we will definitely not say no to that opportunity.”

Danish Airlaid Technology produces a broad palette of thermal bonded airlaid (TBAL) offerings used in a variety of areas where there is a requirement for liquid absorption. Airlaid can be used in many areas and for many purposes, with some of the main areas including food pads and packaging, healthcare and medical applications and incontinence and feminine hygiene end uses.

In food pads/food packaging, airlaid materials can fill a need for absorbing excess liquid from food articles. Airlaid materials can ensure an appealing presentation of food articles in trays and can also help keep food fresh for a longer period. One of Danish Airlaid Technology’s products features foil on the topside, an absorbent core in the middle and a thin, liquid-permeable nonwoven on the backside. The product can be produced in all absorbency ranges.

Within the healthcare sector, absorbers are used for a variety of purposes—from relatively simple bedsheets to sophisticated wound care products and absorbers for operating rooms. These products are often tailor-made to specific application requirements.
rnAs for the adult incontinence market, here the company offers a plethora of airlaid products, although it primarily offers high-end grades. In feminine hygiene, Danish Airlaid Technology offers specialized products, typically in much smaller quantities than standard grades.

“We are a very innovative company and are open to new ideas and new ways of thinking,” Mr. Olesen commented. “Many customers don’t need standard products; instead, they require innovative products on either a larger or smaller scale. Some have already developed the idea and only need a place to produce it. Others have some thoughts and ideas but need help to develop the idea into a finished product. In all cases, we offer our help and can add our extensive know-how and network to the customer’s idea.”

In closing, Mr. Olesen said that the new company is focusing on working for and together with costumers to develop and supply optimal products for liquid absorption and retention. “We supply our full attention and knowledge of costumers’ needs together with our know-how to be able to supply the solutions as quickly and effectively as possible.”

He added that Danish Airlaid Technology will focus solely on continued development within the airlaid segment and plans to ensure controlled and profitable growth within the company, including the necessary respect for the environment and its surroundings in general. “Our vision is to use our know-how and competencies within the airlaid field and related areas to establish and run an innovative company. Our goal is to be recognized as one of the three leading competence centers worldwide within the airlaid field.”

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