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October 20, 2006

Dow Corning Corporation, a leading supplier of innovative silicone solutions for the textile industry, has launched a new silicone textile ink for manual screen printing. Dow Corning’s Silastic LCF 9601 Textile Printing Ink allows apparel manufacturers to capture the full potential of the market for high-quality, screen-printed clothing with a durable, environmentally friendly ink that provides a semi-gloss finish, good elongation, excellent color fastness and a soft, non-tacky handle.

“Manual screen printing technology represents a large growth opportunity for manufacturers of sportswear and casual apparel,” said Jenny Geng, Asia textiles marketing manager. “However, PVC (plastisol), PU and PA inks have some serious drawbacks—such as inferior wash and weather durability, poor hand feel and tackiness—that limit their use, particularly in high-end apparel applications.”

These products also often contain solvents and have other negative environmental effects. To counter these problems, some printing mills have tried using silicone printing materials because of their good washing durability, hand feel, elongation properties and environmental friendliness. “But those silicone products had their own set of issues, too,” explained Ms. Geng. “Tackiness, high viscosity, stiffness and the inability to create low-gloss finishes still meant the apparel manufacturer would end up with a less than ideal product.”

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