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Multifunctional Wipe

November 15, 2005

New from Market Quest are Dry Scrub Wipes featuring dry active ingredients into open web forming structures. These highloft structures of nonwoven substrates have an open inner or middle core, in addition to a flat top and bottom. In addition, these polyester-based chemically bonded airlaid highloft web forming nonwovens possess a naturally abrasive, open cellular structure that can naturally scrub without scratching while entrapping, snaring and capturing particulate matter, soils and scum into them. Highly utilized by the filtration industry in the past, these materials can now be utilized for a multitude of cleaning and deodorization products such as handheld wipes and other devices. Easily coated with a variety of backing materials, these wipes can be handheld, attached to other devices or contain a second wipe material on the back. The highloft wipes containing no dry active ingredient are ideal substrates for pads and wipes suitable for trapping and holding particulates and soils.

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