Machinery & Equipment Focus

August 30, 2005

a look at the latest innovations and company highlights from suppliers of machinery and equipment

Machinery & Equipment Focus
a look at the latest innovations and company highlights from suppliers of machinery and equipment


AccuWeb's digital controllers are designed for the most demanding web guide applications. The Micro 4000NET is pre-wired and configured as a single enclosure or chassis mount assembly. AccuWeb's dynamic compensation eliminates setup/calibration learning curves associated with competing systems. Designed to handle the most demanding applications, perform in difficult environments and guide any material, the Micro 4000NET interfaces with all fieldbus networks and PLCs and is compatible with all WideArray and PointSource edge detectors, AccuBeam II line guides and electromechanical linear actuators for applications exceeding 100,000 pounds.

For more info: www.accuweb.com; Tel: 608-223-0625

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Since acquiring National Drying Machinery Company, Aeroglide Corporation has developed a new high temperature, modular (HTM) flat bed conveyor, through air bonding and curing system, which will go online this year. This new multi-zone design will offer nonwovens processors the capability of bonding and curing at temperatures up to 700°F (371°C).

These new HTM Series high temperature systems are reportedly ideal for insulation and automotive industry suppliers of polypropylene- and fiber-based products where thermal efficiency, heating uniformity, quick installation and startup are important.

Aeroglide Corporation-National Drying Machinery Division offers thermal bonding, drying, heat setting, curing and cooling solutions for the nonwovens and fibers industries.

For more info: www.aeroglide.com; Tel: 919-851-2000.


Amotek is extending its range of machines to help Optima customers extend their product portfolio. In fact, the development of the flow bagger principle traces back to inquiries from customers who are already packaging paper sanitary products such as diapers and sanitary napkins with equipment from the Optima group and who are now opening new markets. It was an almost logical step, starting from the packaging of dry sanitary products, to develop a flow bagger for wet wipes, according to executives.

The particular technical challenge in the packaging of wet wipes is to keep the lotion where it belongs: in the wipes. Uncontrolled leakage of the lotion leads to a loss of packaging quality because of leaky seams. Another challenge is the film itself. A composite film has to be used in order to avoid moisture evaporation through the package.

An unwinder provides continuous feed of the film. In addition, the Amotek FBW is equipped with an autosplice system that changes the reel automatically. Before it enters the packaging process, the film is fitted with resealable labels and precuts with register marks aligned.

The film is wrapped around the product on both sides over a forming shoulder. Then the longitudinal seam is sealed by means of a continuously operating through-feed sealing system. Subsequently, the seam is neatly trimmed. The sealing jaws can be adjusted and positioned according to the desired tightness of the package.

For more info: www.amotek.it; Tel: 39-051-61-86-811. See ad on page 25.


At the recent INDEX05 show in Geneva, Switzerland, Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation promoted two new services. INDEX05 was used as a forum to launch a state-of-the-art, one meter-wide meltblown pilot line to support the increased demands of external and internal research and development activities. Biax-Fiberfilm also introduced a unique cellulose meltblown product that is fully biodegradable. This product will potentially offer a variety of ecologically friendly options in the wipe, diaper and feminine hygiene industries.

For more info: www. biax-fiberfilm.com; Tel: 920-757-9000.


Calemard has been present for more than 10 years in the hygiene market with the "Pegase" line. This high performance, sensitive machine is dedicated to the slitting and spooling of fragile hygiene products. Featuring highly sensitive tension control (down to 1N per inch) at a maximum speed of 500 m/min, this machine delivers 850x1200 mm spools, down to 35 mm width products. Based on the Calemard standard modular approach, the capacity of the line can be readily extended from four to eight winding positions.

To answer new market trends, and to be able to handle various complex and fragile products, Calemard has undertaken an ambitious development in spooling technology. Calemard has built a complete demonstration spooling line that is able to manufacture spools in the same running conditions as a real production line. This demonstration equipment essentially outlines the future version of the "Pegase" line. Due to a state-of-the-art expert system, the drastically improved version of the newly released "Pegase" will be able to adapt its spooling path depending on the type of product, thus allowing the best achievable spooling result without product damage.

For more info: www.etic-group.com; Tel: 33-477-907-281.


Splicing+ is the latest development from DECOUP+ in the field of nonwoven web splicing. This web splicing operation is performed in two steps. The first operation is an ultrasonic cutting action, which splices the two layers together. The second step is an ultrasonic lamination, which enables the splicing lines to recover exactly the same characteristics as those of the web. This new process produces unequalled quality joins, according to the company. Ultrasonic splicing is a very accurate technology, without any discoloration or burns, which gives very precise and high strength splicing lines. Furthermore, the material characteristics are unchanged-the nonwoven product keeps its original properties of softness and color, and no extra binding material is required.

Designed to integrate into existing lines, Splicing+ benches are compact modules. The equipment is available either for narrow webs (up to 800 mm) as a module to be fitted on a machine or doctor machine or for wide webs (up to 3000 mm) as a splicing bench to be fitted on line.

For more info: www.decoup.com; Tel: 33-477-293-682.


The Elsner US-760 unwind stand eliminates the need for overhead hoists or lift trucks to load a converter's machinery unwind. This unique stand-alone unit can be added to any brand of rewinder, web-fed printer, label line, coating machine or other web-fed equipment with minimal installation operating at web speeds up to 600 feet per minute. Using Elsner's exclusive sonic web tension control technology, it offers pneumatic off-the-the floor lifting for mill rolls as heavy as 2000 pounds with a maximum diameter of 40 inches and a 30-inch width.

With optional equipment, the unit can accommodate roll widths of up to 84 inches. For a high quality finished product, the US-760 uses a proprietary sonic web-tension control with air-cooled, air operated multi-pad disc brakes. Its automatic edge guiding capability allows the use of telescoped rolls with a correction margin of plus or minus two inches. For controlling roll overcoasting, an advanced tension control system integrates with the production line "stop" control and automatically increases brake pressure to prevent overcoasting of the unwind mill roll.

For more info: www.elsnereng.com; Tel: 717-637-5991.


Enercon's Plasma3 surface treater offers nonwoven converters a way to enhance wettability in nonwoven structures to improve adhesion of surfactants, dyes, inks and coatings. Plasma3 is a proprietary atmospheric glow discharge surface treatment system for enhancing the functionality of narrow and wide nonwoven webs. The system can modify the entire fiber network of webs with dual-side treatment. Uniformity of treatment is achieved and functionalization is precisely controlled to promote many hydrophilic surface properties. Process chemistry consumption costs are extremely low, reacting in the discharge area and yielding high and long-lasting surface energy to provide improved adhesion of dyes, inks, coatings and adhesives.

Enercon's Plasma3 atmospheric plasma surface treatment technology can produce exceptional nonwoven performance. Custom designed solutions can include improved pigmentation and coating adhesion for wipes, padding and electrical and thermal insulators using both natural and synthetic fiber blends.

For more info: www.enerconind.com; Tel: 262-250-3142. See ad on page 42.


Fleissner has designed the Lean AquaJet, a new high-efficiency spunlace system with limited investment costs for sanitary, medical, hygiene and cosmetic needs as well as wet wipes. The machine can produce plain, perforated and structured nonwovens. One or two MPS (microporous shells) are used depending on the product in order to give high strength to the web and limit the energy consumption kWh/kg fiber. This system offers a quick return of investment, high production capacity, economical production and very low energy consumption because of optimized geometry of injectors and strips. There is no draft of the carded web at the intake of the LeanJet when the web still doesn't have any strength. The unbonded web is transferred from the first spunlace unit to the next only after the first high-pressure injector has applied enough strength to the nonwoven web. Thus the MD/CD ratio from the card is not damaged. This is a high-efficiency filtration system for PET, PP and viscose and a modified filtration system for cotton and other fibers.

For more info: www.fleissner.de; Tel: 49-6103-401-321.


GDM has introduced an evolution of its sanitary napkin core formation process: the implementation of the High Compressed Core former in its Matrix technology program. This new design produces ultrathin liners and sanitary napkins with a highly compressed fluff-based core and high productivity (up to 1200-1500 pieces per minute).

Customers can use fluff to produce ultrathin products and achieve cost savings. The MSS (Modular Supply System) is the key protocol for obtaining ultimate performance and flexibility at the same time. GDM is quickly renewing its entire product portfolio and new Matrix AW to set higher standards for the market.

For more info: www.gdm-spa.com; Tel: 39-0373-247204. See ad on page 33.


At INDEX 2002, Gevas introduced a fully automatic packaging machine, StarFill Ultra. The system is an alternative and competitive bagger for femcare and panty shields, as well as sanitary napkins, light incontinence products and low count baby diapers. With its high-speed capabilities, StarFill Ultra efficiently fills polyethylene bags with hygienic products.

The modular design allows for customizing the machine to individual market/customer requirements. With an additional module to stack and count multiple packs of any kind of wipes, the StarFill Multipac completes Gevas' range of high-end fully automatic packaging equipment for soft disposable products.

The integrated wipes stacker is designed for flexible counting and stacking of small packages, such as small count baby diapers and wipes, even in a double layer configuration.

This module can also be used as a stacking unit, loading products from the converter by hand in case products need to be repacked.

For more info: www.gevas.com; Tel: 49-5201-8715-11.


Founded in 1988, Heng Chang Machinery Co., Ltd (HCH) is a professional manufacturer of complete production lines for disposable hygiene products. Advanced processes and modern management make our machines universally applicable to the manufacture of disposable hygiene products in China and all over the world. Heng Chang guarantees benefits to customers and is committed to setting up a "win-win" situation in order to be a successful partner for customers in the future.

For more info: aqhch@mail.hf.ah.cn.


Hills, Inc., founded in 1971, is devoted to the design, development and manufacture of fiber extrusion equipment for the nonwovens industry. Hills delivers the latest innovations by supplying staple, spunbond and meltblowing equipment particularly for bicomponent and specialty fibers.

Hills' latest innovations in melt blowing technology include its latest U.S. patent. Based on a series of thin distribution plates, this technology allows Hills to uniquely produce complex multicomponent fibers with a range of polymer combinations that is not possible using traditional technology. Hills also has the capability of delivering meltblowing dies in configurations that are not traditionally offered. Using advanced manufacturing techniques to produce the spinning orifices, Hills produces homopolymer and bicomponent dies with exceptionally small, high L/D spin holes; high spin hole-density; anti-zippering at high pressure and a broad range of bicomponent fiber cross sections.

Hills has also been a primary inventor of bicomponent fiber spinning technology using full width pack with curtain spinning. Hills utilizes an open system, which involves a compressed air draw unit that is separate from the quench air. Hills has also developed and improved slot draw jets that give high filament velocities and even draw forces across spin lines up to 4.2 meters wide.

In the area of staple fiber extrusion equipment, Hills has the capability of achieving all types of cross-sections at various rates and speeds. Hills equipment can produce cut staple from <1.5 dpf to >20 dpf.

In addition to supplying full-scale production equipment, Hills also supplies specialized pilot spinning equipment for the nonwovens industry. Hills' pilot lines range from small tabletop experimental lines to small-scale production lines. Hills has two bicomponent pilot lines in-house that are available for process/product development and contracted trials.

For more info: ahanney@hillsinc.net; Tel: 321-724-2370 ext. 247.


Italian machinery producer Idrosistem Energy srl has patented a new water filtration system that combines floatation with band filtration. The new technology, called Band-Float, removes more than 95% of total suspended solids (TSS) and more than 90% of oils. It can be used for recycling wastewater back into the production process, for meeting effluent discharge requirements and for pre-filtering prior to sand filtration or reverse osmosis. The Band-Float technology is a new addition to Idrosistem's other water filtration equipment that includes biological treatment, dissolved air flotation, sand filtration, resin filtration, reverse osmosis and UV sterilization. Pilot units for all of Idrosistem's water filtration technologies are available for on-site trials.

For more info: www.idrosistem.com; Tel: 39-042405015128.


The Küsters nonwoven calender program offers the optimal product for varied ranges of application. Depending on fiber blend, speed or final application, Küsters offers different calender concepts for spunbonding, airlaid or carding lines. Calenders with two, three or more rolls in vertical or horizontal design, according to the process demands, are part of the standard program.

All Hot S-Roll variations have been adapted to current production processes. They possess a temperature accuracy of ± 1° C and are designed for a production speed of up to 1000 m/min and a line force of up to 150 N/mm (and in the case of special applications, even up to 300 N/mm). When used in the high-speed range, they are equipped with special conditioning units for the slide ring seals and overflow return pump units.

All roll systems are designed for a roll surface width of up to 6000 mm and in special applications, even wider. Flexible machine concepts, which are created for a wide variety of products and for use in the high-speed range, allow for a drastic reduction in the set-up times for design or process change. Due to their open design, all calenders are easily accessible and permit maintenance during running production.

For more info: www.kuesters.com; Tel: 49-2151-34-3174.


Recent news from HIP-Mitsui centers on the final stages of construction on a new 20,000 square meter facility that will employ 25 people in R&D and application development. The new Competence Center will house the most advanced technologies including full-scale pilot lines with 2.500 mm widths.

In the area of new products, Mitsui has recently been granted a patent for the application of hot melt and reactive hot melt adhesives on textiles. The main advantages enabled by the innovative technology are: dramatic reduction of production costs in comparison with other equivalent alternative systems, high flexibility and extreme performances of the final product. The new product is used in low and high speed coating and laminating processes using hot melt and reactive hot melts, a range of widths (from 5 mm up to 3.600 mm) and a range of coating weights (from 0.02 up to 300 gpsm). The system can be easily installed into an existing coating or laminating line, adding value and flexibility to the traditional process and increasing the quality of the end product.

Also available from Mitsu are systems and plants for the application of hot melt and reactive hot melt adhesives (PUR), low speed/high speed coaters and laminators for hot melt and reactive hot melt adhesives (PUR), turn-key lines for high speed lamination/coating with hot melt and reactive hot melt adhesives (PUR) and retrofits with application systems for hot melt and reactive hot melt adhesives (PUR) of: existing converting lines, existing traditional laminating lines, existing traditional coating lines and existing traditional flame laminators.

For more info: www.hip-mitsu.com; Tel: 39-0422-88-75-66.


During the Frankfurt Techtextil event in June, machinery specialist Asselin-part of the NSC Group-celebrated the sale of its 1000th crosslapper. The crosslapper will be located at the heart of a new needlepunching line manufacturing technical products that will be operational from early 2006 by Slovenia-based Filc Menge Group. The sale of this 1000th crosslapper was an opportunity to review the string of innovations achieved by Asselin in this domain over almost 50 years.

In 1956 Pierre Asselin built a new type of machine used to fold webs on a card. This machine operated under industrial conditions at 20 m/min when the concept of textile evenness was foreign to all technical teams. Asselin teams have been working for almost half a century to optimize crosslapper techniques. Their work was manifested by major technical advances including maximum infeed speed and average evenness of needlepunched textiles at the end of the line. These 50 years of applied R&D resulted in a production speed multiplied by 10 and an unevenness reduced by 10. These productivity gains motivated nonwovens manufacturers to modernize their lines and develop new, more technical products. The Profile range already accounts for 400 of the crosslappers sold by Asselin.

The Asselin technical team also offers permanent support to nonwoven manufacturers, helping them overcome the constraints of speed, hygrometry and static electricity by designing crosslappers to meet new challenges. For example, the company's new design-named "FD" – incorporates improved machine accessibility and significantly reduces maintenance time and costs.

For more info: www.nsc.fr; Tel: 33-3-20-11-64-93.


Many producers have the desire to recover the large percentage of the lost superabsorbent polymers from rejected hygiene products. The Osprey SAP ONLY recovery system is designed for producers interested in retaining and using this valuable raw material. The SAP ONLY recovery process is a result of 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing advanced fluff/SAP reclaim systems. This new process is accomplished without aggressive material handling that can reduce SAP damage. The result is clean SAP in a bulk-bag, ready to recycle.

In other Osprey news, after extensive testing, research, design and documentation upgrades to its products, the company has announced that all Osprey equipment shipping into the EU complies with the requirements of the ATEX manufacturer's Directive 94/9/EC. ATEX is a set of EU directives concerned with all equipment installed in potentially explosive atmospheres (both gas and dust). As of July 2003, ATEX compliance has been a mandatory requirement for all products being used in potentially explosive environments.

For more info: www.ospreyfilters.com; Tel: 404-321-7776.


OverEnd Technologies has introduced the next generation of elastic thread feeding. The over end feeding solutions offered by OverEnd Technologies provide diaper and related hygiene product manufacturers with solutions to virtually eliminate production down-time and elastic material waste and increase quality control of the end product.

In over end thread feeding, the core of the elastic thread remains stationary while the thread is pulled off over the end of the active spool. The end of the thread that is nearest the core-a "transfer tail"-is exposed and can be tied to the start of a reserve spool. When the active spool is fully consumed, material will automatically be pulled from the reserve spool. This continuous feeding method eliminates the need to stop a production line to replenish elastic materials and provides for full material utilization.

The added benefit of the elastic feeding systems OverEnd Technologies offers is the independent tension control of each active elastic thread line, ensuring consistent tension of the threads at the point of their application into the product and the virtual elimination of elastic thread breaks. This provides for a quality end product with very little variability in elastic performance.

This innovative system, which can be added to any new or existing production line, is designed to immediately and continually benefit hygiene product manufacturers with a three to six month return on investment and an estimated annual cost savings of $8000 per thread line.

For more info: www.overendtech.com; Tel: 920.731.7663. See ad on page 30.


Parkinson Technologies Inc.'s new full-scale winder laboratory is targeted for completion by the end of 2005. The lab is designed for customer demonstration, evaluation, process development and training for a variety of materials, including nonwovens, plastics and paper. The new facility will be equipped with three types of winder technologies: automatic turret winder for film and sheet, a Mark III automatic surface winder and a Mark II automatic horizontal winder.

The Mark II automatic horizontal winder will feature benefits exclusively for the nonwovens manufacturer with the most demanding applications. The highly automated horizontal winder, which will operate at speeds up to 2500 ft/ min and in tension ranges from 0.05 pli to 1.0 pli, will feature an advanced design of Parkinson's patented Positran roll transfer system. Rolls can be as wide as 72 inches and be up to 60 inches in diameter (depending on the material characteristics, the roll diameter could be larger). Options will include the capability to wind on three or six inch airshafts as well as shear, score or razor slitting capabilities.

The winder lab will be equipped with a high-speed camera in addition to other tracking devices and complete data collection to help aid evaluation and development work.

For more info: www.parkinsontechnologies.com; 401-762-2100.


Promea Engineering is proud to introduce its latest generation of traverse winding systems. Traverse wound spools are an effective way to reduce machine downtimes caused by constant changeovers and splicing of conventional pancake rolls.

Depending on material thickness and width, thousands of meters of a continuous highloft material can be spooled on one core. The benefits are substantial, including more production time on downstream processes between roll changes, higher line speeds and reduced waste due to roll damage and handling. Traverse wound spools come in various shapes and sizes. Maximum spool width and diameter is 800 mm and 1.200 mm respectively.

Spooler model PSW can be used either behind the production line (thus avoiding the costs associated with off-line unwinding, slitting, rewinding, as well as handling and inventory of master rolls) or in a stand-alone converting line.

In order to handle full-width master rolls, the line is modular and expandable by combining several modules of spool winders. Each spool operates independently of all others.

Promea Engineering is an affiliated company of Tredegar Film Products and supplies modular equipment and turnkey systems to the hygienic disposable and other film converting industries.

For more info: www.promea.com; Tel: 39 085 4460542.


The Jetlace 3000 technology from Rieter Perfojet produces state-of-the-art spunlace fabrics with full productivity, high runnability and low manufacturing costs. Rieter has also acted as a general contractor by selling several complete spunlace lines, giving the customer the opportunity to concentrate on product and fabric development. Rieter is a system supplier of full nonwoven lines for the production of high level, low weight nonwoven fabrics featuring characteristics such as bulkiness and strength.

Rieter Perfojet is about to mark a new milestone in its spunlace experience with the new ISOjet system. In fact, Rieter is able to propose to spunlace producers the opportunity to have in their Jetlace 3000 machine a new configuration to produce an unrivalled spunlace fabric thanks to the Isojet system. The Isojet system is designed to increase cross direction tensile strength by 70% while the machine direction tensile strength is not impacted. Isojet enhances the balance of MD and CD tensile and therefore the web behavior in the converting process. This enables the converter to process fabrics with higher efficiency and lower operating costs.

For more info: www.rieter.com; Tel: 33-4-76-52-23-11.


Roll Concept designs and manufactures light aluminum idler rollers with an alveolar profile to combine low inertia, low weight and high resistance to flexion. Mounted either on live or dead shafts, with a large choice of surface machining, coatings or linings, Roll Concept offers a complete solution and service package for each specific enquiry. Roll Concept also produces aluminum winding cores, which are designed to be more ergonomic and resistant to corrosion and heavy weights to overcome costs, waste and performance problems usually encountered with traditional cores.

For more info: www.etic-group.com; Tel: 33-477-900-439.


Danish rotary tool manufacturer RR Rotary A/S is made up of a staff of motivated employees doing their best to meet customer needs for quality, flexibility and reliability. With more than 25 years of experience, RR Rotary designs and manufactures high quality tools. Rotary cutting cylinders and anvils, creasing, perforating and embossing cylinders are the core products of the company's business. Most RR Rotary customers are found within the nonwovens industry.

For more info: www.rr-rotary.com; Tel: 45-4492-2066. See ad on page 53.


S&S Specialty Systems manufactures equipment for a full range of wipes, with modular configurations for easy changeovers. Whether converting products from tissue, nonwovens or other substrates, S&S's turnkey and built-to-your-budget Viper and Road-runner production lines are tailored to converters' needs. Options include variable unit counts and sizes, with many folding configurations. There is allowance for wet, dry or coated and saturated materials for cleansing and other product benefits. Layering, combining, saturating, ultrasonic bonding, embossing and numerous packaging formats are available.

For more info: www.ssspecialtysystems.com; Tel: 715-372-8988.


Saueressig GmbH & Company manufactures and engraves thermal and ultrasonic bonding rollers, embossing rollers and spunlace/ hydroentanglement screens and support drums. The company employs laser engraving technology to guarantee tight tolerances and high precision.

For more info: www.saueressig.de; Tel: 49-2564-12-0.





Sonobond Ultrasonics has developed a new ultrasonic bonding machine for the lingerie and intimate apparel industry. Named the EdgeBanding machine, this latest Sonobond system made its debut at the Techtextil Show in Frankfurt, Germany in June. Perfect for a highly competitive field, Sonobond's EdgeBanding machine is faster and more reliable than heated-pressure foot machines (which can scorch delicate fabrics), traditional sewing methods and other threadless ultrasonic systems. It is best suited for 100% synthetics and for blends having up to 40% natural fibers, microfiber, stretch, tri-action and high performance materials.

The EdgeBanding Machine easily accommodates today's popular materials and creates the soft, seamless edges in demand by modern consumers. As a result, this environmentally sound bonder gives apparel assemblers an advantage in their fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace.

Sonobond's EdgeBanding machine seams and seals in just one pass- without thread, glue or other consumables. It does this by means of a unique ultrasonic technology that converts sound waves into vibratory energy. The rapid heat buildup resulting from this process is channeled to a pattern wheel that produces precise seams.

For more info: www.sonobondultrasonics.com; Tel: 610-696-4710.


Italian machinery supplier SSP Technology has continued its expansion during the last several years in an effort to consolidate its position as a leading supplier of high-tech converting machines for the production of baby diapers and products for adult incontinence.

The company operates a fully integrated design and manufacturing facility and is one of the leading experts in the market for converting machines and equipment for the hygienic disposable industry.

A key product line for SSP is its "Combo" machine, which is a converting system capable of producing both baby and adult products on the same line with just one shift time for the complete product change.

Featuring the latest technical improvements and new technologies, this machine is capable of running at a linear speed of 350 meters per minute with a considerably high efficiency and low waste level. Constant technology development is a key point in the company's strategy as well as the thorough attention given to customer needs.

For more info: www.ssp.it; Tel: 39-0382-820-487.


M.D.Viola Macchine Srl has unveiled a new baby diaper machine for the next generation baby diaper style. The new T.M.W. baby diaper machine is able to produce both the conventional diaper and the winged style diaper. The new machine is fully automatic and includes the new Viola full servo automatic packaging machine at the end of the line.

For more info: www.mdviola.com; Tel: 39-0382-587-355. See ad on page 43.