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INDA's New Leadership

November 30, -0001

INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, has announced new leadership of its International Trade Advisory Board (ITAB).  Serving as co-Chairs for the ITAB will be Gonzalo Castro of Cardinal Health and David Ford of BBA Fiberweb.  

In announcing this change, INDA President Rory Holmes noted, “International trade is a critical issue for the global nonwovens industry and we are confident that Gonzalo and David will lead the ITAB in its efforts to ensure that trade is conducted in a fair and transparent manner.”  

By selecting one chair from the segment of INDA members who produce nonwoven roll goods and a co-chair from the segment of INDA members who convert nonwoven roll goods into finished products, ITAB leadership will represent a broader spectrum of the nonwovens industry.  

“INDA is a vertically integrated industry association,” Mr. Holmes explained.  “Our members are involved in all aspects of nonwovens production—everything from raw material production to conversion of roll goods into a vast array of finished materials. And from experience we know it can be difficult to ensure that all of our members’ interests are represented when action is required. International trade is, in fact, one specific area where the interests of various segments of our industry may not be completely in sync from time to time. By choosing co-Chairs who represent two distinct areas of the nonwovens value chain, we believe any actions taken by the Advisory Board will be more reflective of the entire industry.”

Now that Mr. Castro and Mr. Ford have agreed to serve as co-Chairs, ITAB members will be asked to develop a formal set of operating procedures spelling out the group’s mission, policies regarding meetings, leadership succession, consensus building and other areas of industry interest.