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Bico Spunbond Line

November 30, -0001

Farè SpA has designed a reliable and profitable bicomponent Superspun spunbond line where the results achieved can satisfy the most severe requests for many applications such as for protective apparel, diapers and incontinence, customized laminates and composites. Farè lines produce polyolefin spunbond bicomponent sheath-core (15-85) having a weight of 10 gpsm and filament count below 1,3 den. To satisfy the growing demand for high quality colored spunbond, Farè has transferred to the spunbond lines his knowledge relevant the adding of master batches in the spinning area. In this way, beside the better color uniformity, Farè has improved the efficiency in the extrusion where it is possible to shift to different new colos without interruptions in the spinning line or filament breaks.

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