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Splice Detection Equipment

February 1, 2005

A full line of splice detection technology is available from machine vision and web inspection solution supplier Suzhou R.K.B. Opto-Electronics Machine Vision. R.K.B.’s splice detection technology detects abrupt changes in web material thickness due to splices, tear outs or web breaks in high speed papermaking, coating, printing, laminating and other related conversion processes. Available in three models to fit any manufacturers’ needs, these self-calibrating technologies help web-based material manufacturers and converters ensure product quality and reduce downtime while preventing costly repairs to vulnerable production components such as filled rolls, precision rolls, dies, blankets, printing heads, coating components and many other sensitive process apparatus. These splice detection solutions monitor single to multiple webs of material such as paper, films, plastics, foils and many other types of materials and are unaffected by material basis weight changes, color or process speed. Outputs provided can be interfaced to automatically control production equipment such as sheeter gates, coating head applicators, supercalenders, presses, laminators, treaters, as well as automatic marking systems such as multicolor spray marking units. The splice detection solutions are designed for edge of web or center of web mounting, depending on customer needs, and can be positioned anywhere along the production line. Telephone: 86-512-651-95593; Fax: 86-512-651-95583; E-mail:; Web:

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