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August 21, 2011

Founded in Italy in 1995 by Gianni Boscolo, roll goods producer Albis SpA is comprised of two German companies—Ascania and Arborea—which are part of a group that draws on previous decades of experience in the field of nonwovens.

With a floor space of 15,000 square meters and 55 employees, Albis offers nonwoven materials tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of baby diaper, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence markets. The Albis production process has the flexibility to deliver technologically advanced solutions for sectors requiring specific characteristics and performance such as agriculture, medical/surgical, hygiene and household cleaning.

rIn the area of baby diapers, Albis’ brand names include “Curadis” and “Curaleg CMC.” Curadis is a hygienic nonwoven fabric that absorbs liquid while distributing it evenly into the internal core. Made from a carded hydrophilic nonwoven, Curadis fits between the topsheet and fluff layer in a diaper to offer optimum hydrophilic characteristics, excellent wetback values, high uniformity, good performance and bulk.

Curaleg CMC unites softness with impermeability. Its softness is generated by a furry surface that increases fabric thickness and makes the nonwoven fluffier and more cotton-like. The high level of waterproofing makes it appropriate for use as a leg cuff in diapers and particularly suitable for contact with the skin. Curaleg CMC uses innovative carded-melt-carded technology, the result of two years of intensive technical research, which permits the pro- duction of nonwoven leg cuff fabric featuring increased resistance due to the melt blown layer that is laid between two layers of carded web and then thermal bonded. Curaleg CMC fabrics guarantee the maximum level of retention within the internal absorbent core of the diaper, a substantial reduction in skin irritation and abrasive effects on wet skin and a high level of comfort.

Other nonwoven fabrics produced by Albis for the baby diaper market include “Curatop,” “Curaback,” “Curabody” and “Curallergy.”

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