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Hollingsworth & Vose

September 11, 2012

East Walpole, MA
2012 Nonwovens Sales: $305 million
Key Personnel
Val Hollingsworth, president and CEO; John Madej, CFO; Mike Clark, president, High Efficiency and Specialty Filtration; Mitch Bregman, president, Energy and Industrial Specialties; Josh Ayer, president, Engine and Industrial Filtration; Jochem Hofstetter, vice president and managing director, Europe, Middle East and Africa; John Zhang, vice president and managing director, Asia-Pacific; David von Loesecke, vice president International; Don Bockoven, vice president, Global Operations; John Fitzgerald, vice president and CTO; Ken Fausnacht, vice president, Human Resources
Plants: Apizaco, Mexico; Corvallis, OR; East Walpole, MA; Easton, NY; Floyd, VA; Greenwich, NY; Hatzfeld, Germany; Hawkinsville, GA; Kentmere, U.K.; Suzhou, China; West Groton, MA; Winchcombe, U.K.
ISO Status: Apizaco, Mexico, ISO-9001:2008; Corvallis, OR, ISO 9001:2008; East Walpole, MA, ISO 9001:2008; Easton, NY, ISO 9001:2008; Floyd, VA, ISO 9001:2008; Greenwich, NY, ISO 9001:2008; Hatzfeld, Germany, ISO 9001:2008; Hawkinsville, GA, ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100C; Kentmere, U.K., ISO 9001:2008; Suzhou, China, ISO 9001:2008; West Groton, MA, ISO9001:2008; Winchcombe, U.K., ISO 9001:2008
Processes: Wetlaid, meltblown, carded thermal bonded (point and flat calendered), latex bonded, through-air bonded, needlepunched, thermal lamination, aqueous and solvent-based saturation, nanofiber-webs, composites, webs incorporating functional particles
Brands: AFM, AFN, AQF, AlphaPerm, AlphaSeal, Capaceon, Cycleguard, DynaSeal, EnergyGuard, EnergyGuard Plus, Fastock, HiPerm, HiPerm Plus, H2oudini, Hovomat, Hovotex, Inviscint, Magnaseal, NanoWave, Nanoweb, PerForm, PurePerm, Stitchbackers, Technostat, Technostat Plus, Unisorb, ValPac, ViaMat, WallTek
Major Markets: Engine and industrial filtration; high efficiency and specialty filtration; energy and industrial specialties
Established in 1843, Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) is a family-run company and a global leader in the supply of advanced materials for filtration, battery separators and industrial applications. The company operates manufacturing sites and research centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
H&V’s nonwoven revenues were $305 million in 2012, up slightly from $300 million the year before. Revenues were impacted positively by the company’s ongoing slate of new products, solid performance of HVAC, power generation and certain liquid filtration market segments and offset by challenging clean room and commercial truck segments.
China continues to be an important market for H&V. Despite the current slowdown, H&V has plans for continued growth.
“The poor air quality in China is driving new HVAC filter standards aimed at improving IAQ by reducing the PM2.5 impact on humans,” says John Zhang, president and managing director, Asia-Pacific. “H&V has actively worked with the China National Standard Committee and has been a key member for the publication of the new standard following the EN779:2012.”
H&V’s recent investment in an engine filter media production line in Suzhou demonstrates its commitment to the China market.
Moving forward, Zhang says the Asia Pacifi c region will continue to be a major part of H&V’s global business. “Many of our global customers have established their operations in Asia and it is important that we follow the same movement with our presence in the region,” he says. “Our Suzhou facility has played a critical role in realizing our strategy. We have been able to significantly grow our sales in the region in the last five years. Now we have sales offices and trading companies across Asia, which enable us to serve our customers better in both on-time delivery and product development for local demand.”
The engine and industrial markets expect generalized growth in the second half of 2013, according to Josh Ayer, president, Engine and Industrial Filtration. “Economists suggest that relative market weakness experienced in the first half of 2013 may continue in Europe and China through the end of the year,” he says. “Specific weaknesses in mining and commercial trucks have largely been offset by continued growth in power generation.”
H&V says the largest market drivers continue to be energy conservation, new emission regulations, health concerns and an increasing global need for more power.
H&V continues to invest in three areas: new production capacity to support global customers; new product development including increased testing capabilities; and improved product stewardship including environmental, energy, and safety standards.
“Demand for high efficiency and specialty filtration products in 2012 was lower than expected due to a slowdown in the Asia Pacific clean room market,” says Mike Clark, president, High Efficiency and Specialty Filtration. “Growth in our other core segments such as HVAC, facemask, liquid and specialty filtration were in line with our expectations.”
H&V’s Advanced Fiber Nonwovens (AFN) segment focuses primarily on FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) and high performance composite materials. “We are focused on producing wetlaid nonwoven structures using fibers such as carbon, aramid/para-aramid, glass, ceramic, nickel coated carbon, and other exotic fibers,” says Jim Vogt, marketing director, nonwovens. “Our concentration continues to target aerospace—military and civilian—and FRP applications for consumer products such as sports equipment and cell phones.”
On the new product front, H&V recently launched the NanoWave product line, which was selected as the winner of the Roll Goods IDEA13 Achievement Award, making it the most innovative and successful new product in the nonwovens and engineered fabrics industry launched during the past three years in the roll goods category.
NanoWave is an extended surface area, multi-layer filtration media for HVAC applications. Using nano and coarse fiber layers, NanoWave delivers 2.4 times the surface area of normal flat sheet media. The waved nanofiber layer allows for maximum mechanical efficiency with very low resistance, while more than doubling dust-holding capacity compared to standard synthetic media. A green product, NanoWave is composed of one polymer and can be incinerated to regain energy. NanoWave pocket filters achieve the highest filtration performance and deliver superior air quality. Other uses for NanoWave include residential filtration, liquid filtration and gas turbine intake air filtration.
“NanoWave has received great support from our customers and the broader nonwovens industry as the winner of the IDEA13 Achievement Award for Roll Goods,” says Clark. “We are planning to add NanoWave capacity in Europe to support the increasing market demand for this innovative product line.”
H&V also continues to expand the deployment of another new product line, the fi e fiber Nanoweb technology in both air and liquid applications.
In support of energy reduction, H&V’s Technostat and its newest hydraulic products feature some of the industry’s lowest pressure drops, which save customers energy and operating costs.
The company also continues to enable the newest fuel systems with a new line of more than 99% efficient fuel products and its Capaceon products help customers make smaller filters that meet the needs of the newest vehicles.
Coming down the product pipeline in 2013 H&V plans to launch several new high performance HVAC product lines.

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