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Dalian Ruigang Nonwoven Group

Published September 11, 2012
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Dalian Ruigang Nonwoven Group
Dalian Ruigang Nonwoven Group
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Dalian, China
2012 Nonwovens Sales: $140 million
Key Personnel: Yuan Ming Gu, owner; Zuwei Gu, CEO; Jingxian Cui, CFO
Plants: Dalian, China
Processes: Spunbond, spunlace, meltblown, airlaid ISO Status ISO9001; ISO14001
Brands: Ruiguang
Major Markets: Hygiene, automotive, medical, air filtration and personal care
Dalian Ruiguang Nonwoven Group started business in 1991. After more than 20 years of development, Ruiguang operates four subsidiaries and 11 nonwoven production lines. The firm continues to invest in different nonwovens businesses including spunbond, meltblown, spunlace sections. The group recorded sales volume of $140 million in 2012, and has achieved steady annual growth of more than 10% per year. The company says its meltblown and spunlace product lines are running well in the U.S, Japanese, Korean and Chinese markets.
“Overall, we have done a great job in the 2012 financial year even though we suffered under the weight of market stress in the fourth quarter,” says Yuan Ming Gu, president of Ruiguang Group. “Furthermore, with the RMB exchange rate growing continuously, business, especially the export business, was affected to some degree, but is still running well due to the promotion of new products globally.”
Dalian Ruiguang is investing in a new green, sustainable and innovative hygiene spunlace technology in 2013, which it says will impact the market positively. “The future of spunlace nonwovens for hygiene applications will offer different technical characteristics and excellent performance, in a move to become more green and sustainable due to the different fiber properties,” says Gu.
“We shall supply the new products and joint research service to our customers, offering them great quality with considerate service incentives too,” says Gu. “We will continue to establish strategic partnerships with the same core-valued customers.”
Gu says there is a lot of competition in the Chinese spunlace market due to all of the capacity that has come onstream in 2012 and 2013. “We have to reposition ourselves in the market by improving the innovative nature and quality of our products under these circumstances,” says Gu.
The company operates two in-line carding spunlace production lines with 300m/min production speed that began operations in May 2011, and reached its max throughput last year in 2012. The products have produced very good sales, according to Gu, who says the technology is very good for baby wipes due to the three dimensional structure, high water absorbency rate, more volume and bulky feel. “The performance of company rose over 20% in 2012 due to this investment,” he says.
Regarding the specific nonwoven products, the airlaid SPC product is still unique in Asia, as it has the characteristics of good strength, competitive pricing and reasonable water absorbency. This product is designated by some of Dalian Ruiguang’s customers for special branded products. The airlaiding CPC product offers another possibility to have bulky products, perfect water absorbency effect, versatile fiber structure with a feasible performance module. It offers much more opportunities for the consumer to use green products without any extra cost. The company says it has received very good market feedback in U.S and Korea while sales volume grows steady each year.
The meltblown material for lens wipes, screen wipes and air filtration are very popular. They are made with super fine meltblown fibers with more surface and efficient cleaning, and it has a particular good sales in North America and Japan.
The elastic facial mask and automobile backsheet markets demand special high enlongation spunlace, and Gu says the company develops a special product with not only these properties but also with pretty good tensile strength for this purpose. “With these characteristics, the spunlace can keep the same deforming rate during the composite process material,” says Gu.
The floor wipes market is important to Dalian Ruiguang and here it offers several products including a 100% polyester mesh style, high bulk embossing structure, fishbone style etc. “They achieve perfect static performance, with maximum surface area, and are soft with enough tensile strength,” says Gu. “Over the past three years we have grown our floor wipes business by more than 20%. We see very good market prospects in U.S and Japan, and there are strong signs that the Chinese market has very big potential as well. We are conducting some market promotion accordingly.”
The company has a very healthy development in the last 20 years, Ruiguang shall concentrate on the nonwoven carrier continuously, based on the existing spunbond, meltblown and spunlace technology, we shall develop and invest new technology to create better life for the people.