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Lydall Inc

September 1, 2011

Manchester, CT
2011 Nonwovens Sales: $134 million

Key Personnel: W. Leslie Duffy, chairman of the board; Dale Barnhart, president and CEO; David Williams, president, Performance Materials

Plants: Rochester, NH; Saint Rivalain, France; Green Island, NY; Heerlen, The Netherlands

Brands: AppLY Mat, Arioso, Biotherm, CRS Wrap, Cryo-Lite, LydAir MG, LydAir MB, LydAir SC, LyPore Defender, LyPore MB, LyPore SC, LyPore XL, Lytherm, ManniGlas, Solupor Membrane

Major Markets: Specialty insulation, high-efficiency air and liquid filtration media

Executives at Lydall continue to be encouraged by the long-term opportunities within the company’s Performance Material segment. Net sales in this segment increased by 9% to reach a record $134 million in 2011.

Particularly strong was the industrial thermal insulation business, which was driven by global demand for capital project investments in the cryogenic and thermal and insulation markets, according to executives. Within the Industrial Filtration business, Lydall is partnering with one of its customers to market Arioso membrane, which will enable the product to make significant gains in market acceptance.

Opportunities for Lydall are mainly driven by markets engaged in product and technology development that are demanding higher levels of filtration performance. Additionally, opportunities exist for geographic expansion in filtration and insulation in regions including Eastern Europe, South America, India and China. These regions continue to invest in infrastructure improvements and demand more from their filtration and insulation applications.

In new product news, Lydall’s Arioso high performance air filtration composite media was chosen as the premium filter media in a range of high efficiency fume extraction filters being produced by a prominent filter manufacturer in the U.K. Fume extraction filters are used to remove fine particulate matter that is contained in smoke and fumes generated by laser/plasma cutting and welding operations. The filters engineered with Arioso are designed to remove even the finest particles to provide cleaner air discharge in the workplace and the environment.

New product development has always been a priority for Lydall Performance Materials across all of its market segments. In filtration and separation, the company offers LyPore and LyPore Defender microglass media and LyPore Unity, a microglass series that is optimized for coalescing. More specifically, in air and industrial filtration, LydAir microglass media and Arioso high performance composite filtration media are both critical components of clean-air systems in a number of areas. Meanwhile, Lydall’s filter media for the biopharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, specialty process and drinking water industries include microglass, meltblown and synthetic grades for removing particles ranging from bacteria to large sediment. Lydall recently expanded its Solupor membrane series, which is based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. These new grades perform at high flow rates in venting and air/gas line filters.

Within specialty insulation, Lydall products include Manniglas fiberglass papers, appLY Mat needled fiberglass mats, Biotherm biosoluble ceramin paper and Lytherm ceramic paper for a variety of cavity, gasket, sealing and surface protection applications in the home appliance, industrial HVAC, energy and petrochemical markets. Additionally, the Cryotherm and Cryolite super insulation products perform at the opposite temperature extreme in cryogenic containment vessels for liquid gas storage, piping and transportation.

In personnel news, in July, David Williams was named president of the Performance Materials business. Before joining Lydall, Williams held a 20-year tenure with Saint-Gobain, a building materials company and leading producer of high performance materials and glass containers.

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