Sales Reports


January 1, 2009

Location: ATLANTA, GA

Sales: $150 Million

Description: Plants
Green Bay, WI (two facilities); Avigliano, Italy

Airlaid, carded

Brand Names
Airtex, Dritex

Major Markets
Baby wipes, industrial and food service wipes, feminine hygiene, absorbent core, tabletop, medical, moist toilet tissue, meat packaging

Under new ownership is Georgia-Pacific. In November 2005, the company was purchased by Koch Industries, a multinational conglomerate that had already owned G-P’s cellulose business as well as fiber producer Invista, among other things.

Meanwhile, G-P’s nonwovens business, which centers on airlaid technology, has continued to perform well by focusing on improving its production and reducing costs despite challenging raw material prices. According to reports, G-P’s nonwovens group continues to be a major supplier of airlaid for wet wipes, particularly in tubs and flexible packages. Containing about 80% cellulose content, airlaid is considered to be more Earth-friendly than nonwovens based on synthetic fibers. The group continues to work on new resin binder systems that may have implications for the latest bathroom and other category wipes.

G-P has a history of success in unearthing new market segments for its airlaid technology that had been using other materials. These markets were typically using technology that was more expensive than airlaid but G-P was able to show how pulp can perform just as well at a lower cost, according to executives.

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