Sales Reports


January 1, 2006

Location: Veenendaal, The Netherlands

Sales: $55 million

Description: Key Personnel
Nico Boot, managing director; Albert Feyts, finance director, Paul Verwoerd, sales and marketing director, Jan Sikkenga, production director

Drylaid web forming, chemical and thermal bonding, lamination, coating, impregnation, calendaring, slitting, spooling

Brand Names
Condenstop, Coremat, Finishmat, Soric, ResonStop

Major Markets
Cable, fiber reinforced plastics/composites, construction/building, packaging, automotive, label systems

Lantor BV has continued to achieve greater volumes, higher sales and healthy earnings thanks to ambitious marketing strategies, including investments in new products and staff. “We are very pleased to see growth across all the markets that we concentrate on,” said Paul Verwoerd, sales and marketing director. Key markets for Lantor include cable, fiber reinforced plastics/composites, construction/building, packaging, automotive and label systems.
Lantor Cable Products continued to increase volumes and sales of cable tapes in both the energy and telecommunication segments. “We expect market conditions will further improve, since demand for energy and telecommunications is growing, especially in developing regions and countries. These greater volumes enable us to compensate for increased raw material costs”, he added. In response to this growth and to assure short delivery times to its customers, Lantor installed additional slitting capacity to this operation.
Lantor Composites offers a comprehensive range of nonwoven products to the composites industry, including its Coremat, Finishmat and Soric brands. In this segment, Lantor especially benefited from the Soric product range.  
Lantor Construction’s main product CondenStop could reap the fruits of extensive efforts in increasing the use of condensation control solutions by means of nonwovens, rather than coatings. “Based on our experience and expertise, we offer a concept rather than a product, which gives customers the confidence to make the shift,” Mr. Verwoerd said. “Our European customer base has grown significantly over the last few years and for future growth we are also looking at overseas markets.”
Lantor GmbH, based in Haibach, Germany, houses Lantor Labels Systems and Lantor Automotive. The labels systems business continued to steadily grow sales in the garment/bedding industries in Europe. “Although the (bulk) garment/bedding industry continues to shift to low wage countries, there is still room for growth in niche applications by providing tailored solutions,” Mr. Verwoerd said.   
Lantor Automotive continued to face difficult market conditions including increased price competition. However, in 2005 Lantor started to benefit from new automotive models using its products. “Our product development capability and flexible logistics have been and will be the key to success in a highly demanding and competitive environment,” Mr. Verwoerd explained.
Lantor BV focuses on the development, manufacturing and global marketing of high added value nonwovens for industrial markets. The company’s direction and strategy are driven by “leadership through innovation,” Mr. Verwoerd concluded.

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