Body adhering absorbent article and method for donning such article

November 22, 2011

Patented was a feminine care absorbent article comprising an absorbent structure configured for disposition adjacent a female wearer's vaginal region to absorb bodily fluids discharged by the wearer, said absorbent structure having a body-facing surface and a garment-facing surface;a shell for supporting the absorbent structure at said vaginal region, the shell having a body-facing surface and a garment-facing surface, the body-facing surface having an adhesive thereon for adhering the shell directly to the wearer, the article having a longitudinal axis, a transverse axis, an anterior region, a posterior region, and a central region extending longitudinally between and interconnecting the anterior and posterior regions, said article having a peripheral edge defined at least in part by said shell, the absorbent structure being attached to said shell; andat least one removal tab attached to at least one of the absorbent structure and the shell, said at least one removal tab facilitating removal of the absorbent article from the wearer, said at least one removal tab being spaced from the central region and disposed in one of the anterior region and the posterior region of the article and extending outward beyond the peripheral edge of the article.