Pull-On Wearable Article With Informational Image

February 15, 2011

Patented recently is a pull-on wearable article comprising: a main portion including an outer cover, the main portion defining a front waist region, a rear waist region, and a crotch region extending between and connecting the front and rear waist regions; first and second extendable side panels extending between and connecting the main portion front waist region and the main portion rear waist region to form the article in a closed waist configuration, each side panel comprising a pre-stretch laminate and at least a portion of each side panel being extendable between a relaxed state and an extended state; an informational image disposed entirely in the first side panel; and a texture feature formed in an outer surface of the article and positioned proximate to the informational image to form a composite image; wherein the composite image is positioned such that a vertical pulling force applied to the composite image is distributed to the rear waist region, whereby grasping and pulling the composite image facilitates pulling the pull-on wearable article over a wearer's hips and buttocks.

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