Odor Controlling Article Including A Visual Indicating Device For Monitoring Odor Absorption

November 23, 2010

A patent has been granted to an invention which relates to a visual indicating device and an article for controlling odors, in particular foot, garbage, basement, cooking, pet, tobacco, feces and urine odors. The article comprises a visual indicating agent that is color sensitive to the odor, and optionally, an odor absorbing agent. The visual indicating agent changes color when the article has been exposed to a sufficient amount of odor to saturate the article. The indicating agent may be applied in differing concentrations to two or more zones so as to indicate to a user of the article how much of the odor absorbing capacity has been used, or conversely, how much of the odor absorbing capacity remains. Suitable visual indicating agents that change color in response to odors are also described. The article for controlling odors may be a disposable odor absorbing sheet, air freshening product, diaper, undergarment pad, face mask, air filtration device, sanitary napkin, tampon, pantyshield or incontinence pad.

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