Absorbent article with stain masking characteristics

March 31, 2009

A sanitary napkin has been patented. It includes an apertured film body-facing cover layer with an open area between about 20%-30%. It also features an absorbent system adjacent the cover layer for receiving liquid therefrom and a fluid impermeable garment facing layer. The napkin has a masking value of less than about 115,000, an average fluid penetration time of less than about 45 seconds and an average rewet of less than about 0.05 grams according to the test procedure described herein. The absorbent system includes a blend of cellulosic fibers and superabsorbent material. The absorbent system comprises a first absorbent layer and a second absorbent layer. The second absorbent layer has a basis weight of from about 100-700 gpsm, which has been airlaid as a bottom layer of pulp. A middle layer of pulp is intermixed with superabsorbent polymer and a top layer contains at least some pulp. The middle layer comprises a first middle layer adjacent the bottom layer and a second middle layer adjacent the top layer.