System Comprising Thong-Shaped Holder and Absorbent Article

January 27, 2009

Patented is a system comprising a thong-shaped holder for holding an absorbent article in close bodily contact in the pudendal region. The holder has a longitudinal centerline defining a longitudinal direction and a lateral centerline defining a lateral direction. The holder comprises a front region and a crotch region attached to the front region. The crotch region comprises elastic knit material suitable for use in an undergarment. The crotch region has high stretch in both the lateral and longitudinal directions as measured by having a Crotch Holding Force CHF-4.0 of greater than 0.1 kgf and a Crotch Holding Force CHF-5.5 of less than 1.0 kgf and a rear region attached to the front and crotch regions and cooperating with the front region to provide an adjustable waistband. An absorbent article is capable of being held in close bodily contact in the pudendal region by the thong-shaped holder. The absorbent article comprises a liquid pervious side and a liquid impervious side opposite the liquid pervious side. The liquid pervious side and the liquid impervious side are arranged to form a unitary structure. The absorbent article has a caliper of less than about 5.0 millimeters and an absorbent capacity of less than about 10.0 grams of fluid.