Disposable Wearing Article

January 20, 2009

A disposable wearing article was issued a patent. It features a holder member having a front waist region, a rear waist region and a crotch region extending in a longitudinal direction of the holder member between the waist regions. The holder member also has an upper surface adapted to contact a wearer’s body in use and a lower surface adapted to contact the wearer’s clothing in use. A bodily discharge receiving member is removably retainable by the holder member. In a transversely middle zone of the crotch region a through-hole extends between the upper surface and the lower surface. The receiving member comprises an annular portion removably insertable from below the holder member through the through-hole so as to be located on the upper surface in the transversely middle zone of the crotch region for surrounding at least one of an anus and a urethral orifice of the wearer in use. The annular portion has inner and outer circumferential surfaces and a top surface connecting the inner and outer circumferential surfaces. The top surface is convex upward to define an upper circumferential edge that is rounded so as to facilitate the insertion of the annular portion from below the holder member through the through-hole. A discharge containing portion is joined to and in fluid communication with the annular portion for receiving bodily discharges flowing through the annular portion. When the receiving member is retained by the holder member, the annular portion is located above the upper surface whereas the discharge containing portion is positioned below the lower surface. The discharge containing portion comprises a top wall having an aperture in fluid communication with the annular portion. A bottom wall is exposed on the lower surface of the holder member to an outside of the wearing article for allowing access to and exchange of the receiving member from the outside of the wearing article. A side wall connects the top wall and the bottom wall. An absorbent core contains absorbent material.

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