Interlabial Pad

November 4, 2008

An interlabial pad was recently patented. It comprises a topsheet and a backsheet. The interlabial pad is folded in two along a central axis extending along a longitudinal direction of the interlabial pad so that each of two folded parts of the backsheet face the other of the two folded parts over an entire surface of the folded part. An absorbent body extends between the topsheet and the backsheet. The absorbent body includes a front portion and a rear portion having a rear portion low compression rigidity structure. Within the structure, a first material forms the front portion of the absorbent body and has a higher compression rigidity relative to a second material forming the rear portion. The rear portion has a low compression rigidity structure and the front portion has an upper surface located in a common plane when the interlabial pad is unfolded in non-wearing condition. The rear portion low compression rigidity structure provides a low compression rigidity at the rear portion of the interlabial pad so that when the rear portion of the interlabial pad is positioned to the rear of a wearer and touches the body of the wearer first when worn, the rear portion is pushed by the body and indents before the front portion positioned to the front of the wearer.