Absorbent Article For Use In A Thong Garment With Central Adhesive-Free Zone

November 6, 2007

Patented is an absorbent article intended for use in a thong garment. The article has a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction. The absorbent article comprises a liquid-permeable cover sheet, a liquid-tight cover sheet and an absorption body enclosed between the two cover sheets. The liquid-permeable cover sheet is intended to be directed toward a user’s body during use and the liquid-tight cover sheet is intended to be directed toward the thong garment during use. An adhesive fastening means is arranged on the liquid-tight cover sheet. The absorbent article has an essentially triangular shape including, in its longitudinal direction, a front portion, a rear portion, two longitudinal side edges and front and rear edges. The absorbent article has a portion arranged centrally between the longitudinal side edges, which is free of the adhesive fastening means. In the transverse direction of the article, there is a continuous area extending between the longitudinal side edges covering an entire distance between the side edges and free of adhesive fastening means. The extent of the continuous area in the longitudinal direction of the article constitutes the length of the article, and the rear portion of the article has a width not exceeding 40 mm. The width ratio in the transverse direction between the front portion of the article and the rear portion of the article is from 2:1 to 4:1. The absorbent article defines an essentially triangular shape when in use that is dimensioned for placement substantially within a perimeter of the thong garment.