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Waist Belt For Supporting Disposable Absorbent Assemblies And Absorbent Articles Comprising The Same

Published May 1, 2007
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A waist belt for supporting a disposable absorbent assembly has been granted a patent. The belt has a longitudinal centerline, a transverse centerline, a wearer-facing surface, an opposing surface, two end edges opposite the transverse centerline and two side edges opposite the longitudinal centerline. The belt comprises a central segment, at least two intermediate segments and at least two distal segments. The central segment is positioned along the longitudinal centerline and extends transversely outward from the longitudinal centerline on either side of the longitudinal centerline. The central segment has a first longitudinal length defined by the distance between the end edges of the central segment. Each intermediate segment extends transversely outwardly from the central segment and is positioned between the central segment and a distal segment. Each intermediate segment covers a side hip of the wearer when the belt is worn. Each intermediate segment has a second longitudinal length defined by the distance between the end edges of each intermediate segment. Each distal segment extends transversely outwardly from an intermediate segment and includes one of the side edges of the belt. Each distal segment has a third longitudinal length defined by the distance between the end edges of each distal segment. The second longitudinal length is greater than the first and third longitudinal lengths. The belt comprises a fastener element positioned on at least one of the distal segments for releasably securing the belt around the waist of the wearer. An attachment surface is formed at least on the opposing surface of each intermediate segment for releasably attaching the disposable assembly to the belt. The attachment surface for releasably attaching the absorbent assembly to the belt is formed on the opposing surfaces of the intermediate segments and the central segment.