Absorbent Cores For Absorbent Diapers Having Reduced Thickness And Improved Liquid Handling And Retention Performance And Comprising A Superabsorbent Polymer

February 13, 2007

An absorbent core for the collection of bodily liquids, such as urine, was patented. The core comprises a superabsorbent gelling material in the form of particles featuring a longest and a smallest dimension with a particulate ratio of longest to smallest particle dimension in the range of 1–5. The particles have a surface crosslinking in order to provide the particles with an individual particle stability such that the AGM superabsorbent gelling material has a measured SFC of at least 30 units. The particles further have a substantially non-covalently bonded surface coating with a partially hydrolysable cationic polymer. The superabsorbent gelling material has a measured BBS of more than 80 grams of force after 30 minutes and a BBS after 16 hours of at least 50% of the BBS after 30 minutes. The coating is present on the particles in an amount of less than 10% by weight of the particles. The superabsorbent gelling material is present in the core in a concentration of 60% by weight or more.

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