Absorbent Article With Rear Portion Including A First And Second Leg

January 23, 2007

An absorbent article with a substantially elongated shape was recently granted a patent. The article has a longitudinal direction, a transverse direction, two side edges, a front edge, a rear edge, a front portion, a rear portion and a central portion between the front portion and the rear portion. The article also has a liquid-pervious cover layer and a liquid-impervious cover layer and an absorbent body. A rear portion of the absorbent body comprises a layer that is split into a substantially Y-shaped body with a first leg and a second leg with a gap between the legs having an angle · defined between the first leg and the second leg. The rear portion of the absorbent body begins at a change in inclination of the side edges with respect to a longitudinal center line of the article. A center portion of the absorbent body is a primary receiving portion when a liquid is emitted on to the absorbent body. An elastic member is placed between the first leg and the second leg without overlapping the first and second legs. The elastic member extends in the longitudinal direction.