Absorbent Article

January 16, 2007

An absorbent article with an upper surface, a lower surface and a periphery was patented. The article includes a topsheet with a bottom surface and a viewing surface positioned opposite the bottom surface. The viewing surface faces upwardly toward the upper surface of the absorbent article. A backsheet has a garment facing surface and a user facing surface positioned opposite the garment facing surface. The backsheet is joined to the topsheet. An absorbent core has a top surface and a bottom surface positioned opposite the top surface. The absorbent core is positioned between the topsheet and the backsheet. The absorbent core has a printed, colored portion that is viewable from the viewing surface of the topsheet. The colored portion has a first shade and a second shade. The first shade is positioned substantially within the second shade and is different from the first shade. The shades create a perception of depth within the absorbent article when a user looks at the viewing surface of the topsheet.

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