Disposable Wearing Article

January 9, 2007

A disposable wearing article has been granted a patent. The article includes a chassis defining front and rear waist regions and a crotch region extending between the waist regions and a liquid-absorbent base panel extending across the crotch region into front and rear waist regions. A pair of side flaps provided on the chassis extend along transversely opposite side edges of the liquid-absorbent base panel in a longitudinal direction. A pair of liquid-impervious leak-barrier cuffs extend in the longitudinal direction and are attached to the pair of side flaps. Each of the leak-barrier cuffs respectively has a proximal side edge portion fixed to the side flap and extending in the longitudinal direction. A distal side edge portion extends in the longitudinal direction opposed to the proximal side edge portion. An inner surface faces toward a transverse center of the chassis. Upper and lower portions are located between the proximal and distal side edge portions. Longitudinally opposite fixed end portions collapse outward in a transverse direction and are fixed to the front and rear waist regions in such a collapsed state. Stretchable elastic members extend in the longitudinal direction and are secured in a stretched state to the distal side edge portions of the leak-barrier cuffs. The disposable article also includes liquid-absorbent side panels covered with liquid-pervious sheets and extending in the longitudinal direction. The liquid-absorbent side panels are attached to opposed inner surfaces of the leak-barrier cuffs so that the leak-barrier cuffs rise on the chassis as the elastic members contract and the liquid-absorbent side panels also rise on the chassis as the leak-barrier cuffs rise on the chassis.

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