Absorbent Article Having An Absorbent Structure Secured To A Stretchable Component Of The Article

January 9, 2007

An absorbent article was patented recently. The article has a longitudinal axis, a lateral axis, opposite longitudinal end regions and a central region extending longitudinally between and interconnecting the end regions. The absorbent article comprises an outer cover, a bodyside liner adapted for contiguous relationship with the wearer’s skin and an absorbent structure between the bodyside liner and the outer cover. The absorbent structure is secured to at least one of the liner and the outer cover within a securement zone. The securement zone comprises a central portion located generally within the central region of the article and has an average width as determined by a Securement Zone Measurement Method. At least one outer portion is located longitudinally outward of the central portion of the securement zone and has an average width as determined by the Securement Zone Measurement Method. The average width of the central portion of the securement zone is substantially greater than the average width of at least one outer portion of the securement zone.
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