Pull-On Disposable Diaper

February 7, 2006

A pull-on disposable diaper has been issued a patent. The article includes a liquid-pervious topsheet, a liquid-impervious backsheet, a liquid-absorbent core between the top- and backsheet and a front waist region with transversely opposite side edges. The diaper also has a rear waist region with transversely opposite side edges and a crotch region extending between the front and rear waist regions. The front and rear waist regions are placed upon each other with the topsheet inside. The transversely opposite side edges of each of the front and rear waist regions are bonded directly together along their entire lengths to form a waist-opening and a pair of leg-openings. The diaper has an elastic stretchability circumferentially of the waist-opening and leg-openings. The diaper further comprises fastening tape strips for holding it in a rolled up state for disposal after use. The fastening tape strips are provided on an outer surface of the liquid-impervious backsheet and extend in a longitudinal direction of the diaper parallel to the transversely opposite side edges in at least one of the front and rear waist regions. Each of the fastening tape strips has longitudinally opposite end regions bonded to the diaper in a vicinity of respective peripheral edges of the waist-opening and the leg-openings. An intermediate region extends between the longitudinally opposite end regions and includes an inner surface of an adhesive region adapted to be separately bonded on the outer peripheral surface of the diaper when the diaper is rolled up for disposal. The intermediate region of each of the fastening tape strips has an angle with an apex that projects transversely outward of the diaper.

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