Disposable Diaper With Portion on Skin-Side Sheet to Prevent Passage of Urine Or Other Bodily Waste

May 24, 2005

Patented was a disposable diaper, comprising a water-repellent sheet; a skin-side sheet joined with a water-repellent sheet and an absorbent body disposed between the water-repellent sheet and the skin-side sheet. The skin-side sheet is comprised of fibers arranged as a nonwoven fabric with clearances between the fibers. The sheet includes a hydrophilic region and an ooze-preventing portion extending at least partially along the opposite sides of the skin-side sheet. The ooze-preventing portion separates the hydrophilic region from a peripheral edge of the skin-side sheet over an extent of the ooze-preventing portion. A portion of the skin-side sheet is rendered impermeable to a passage of water from the hydrophilic region to the peripheral edge by permeation of an adhesive into the clearances between the fibers whereby migration of bodily waste from the hydrophilic region to the peripheral edge across the ooze-preventing portion is prevented.