Low Odor, Light Color, Disposable Article Construction Adhesive

January 25, 2005

Patented is a spray-on adhesive composition made from components including a high melt index polymer and a high melt tackifier that interact to produce a composition. The composition can form a low odor, light color, non-tacky, hot melt adhesive material that can be used in disposable article manufacture. The adhesive is thermally stable at hot melt application conditions, low in cost, easily applied and produces high quality disposable articles. The adhesive and composite articles are made by joining components with the adhesive. In one embodiment, a disposable article can be made by adhesively bonding layers including a film, a woven or nonwoven fabric, tissue or sheet to a sheet-like material using a novel hot melt adhesive that can be variously applied or sprayed. The invention relates to the manufacture of a disposable composite article with a cover and an absorbent layer, held within the cover. The cover can be formed from a porous sheet adhered to a fluid impervious backing layer and can have further fabrics, sheets or films added. The absorbent layer can be made of a tissue, an absorbent, or combinations of an absorbent and outer cover layers. The adhesive of the invention is used to bind the components in a mechanically stable article or to join the outer cover to the absorbent. The sprayable hot melt adhesive composition typically contains a novel blend of thermoplastic copolymer and a compatible tackifying resin. Disposable articles such as an infant or adult diaper and feminine pads can be made with this adhesive material.

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